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  1. Good job, keep going to post huge Leopard icons!
  2. Thread updated, more icons added.
  3. ported from Mac OS X 10.5 Beta DVD Preview Here: [ATTACH]8092[/ATTACH] Download Bigger Here - 1437 x 952 Pixel To download the Leopard icons from its Installation DVD (beta). Download here Go here
  4. Updated: Ported from Mac OS X 10.5 Beta DVD Icons: Time Machine, Spaces , Expose, Spotlight, Finder, QuickTime, QuickTIme Pro, Actions, Bonjour, iChat, Bootcamp, Migration Assistant, PhotoBooth, iChat Camera Preference, QuickTIme Updater, Saved Transfer File, Sync Service, iSIght Updater, SASHD, Time Machine at 164x164 You may also download the Time Machine Wallpaper in this Thread: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....1691#post411691 Check out my 10.5 Leopard OS screen caps where these icons from:) (1920x1200) Confirmed that it s Mac OS X 10.5 beta...: Finder App
  5. Sorry guy. My Mac simulator (pearpc) has some problems and it wouldn't run anymore. Then I have ordered a PowerBookG4 on last week and hope that Apple will ship me that within this weekend. After that I will go on the progress. Sorry for late. :slant:
  6. Anyone has this Tiger icon? http://www.apple.com/jp/macosx/features/coreimage/ Thanks.
  7. My Master !!!! You beyond the God !!!
  8. Wooooooo !!! You did a amazing job !!! Even better then MINIUM icons !!!! My dearest !!!
  9. Not a problem. But the Menu you've seen in the shots are in "Inactive" Mode (Background Theme). In the Active Mode (Foreground Theme). Its pattern is 255 255 255 (Pure White) . For now, I have just completed the NeOS White. I will make two more versions - Light-Purple and Light-Green (original color themes) if I have time.
  10. I have been working on it and gained permission from Mr. Daisuke Yama****a. It will be released soon. It is for WindowBlinds 4.X. Now, I am working on its animation movies (file copying...avi etc). So please wait.... 1600x1200 Preview Click Here Captured Applications: Firefox, Internet Explorer and WindowsExplorer
  11. Thanks for dedicated somethings. No matter it is ugly or what. :slant:
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