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  1. Well I guess I wouldn't count as an old-timer since I started posting on these boards not-so-long ago, but I've been reading and using almost everything ever posted/created here:) since the beginning. I remember Pe7er (yup), Nightcrawler and Unbeliever as regular members, if that counts. It's this site and all of your work here that pointed me to my carrer of choice (i'm a graphic designer by profession, something I would have never thought would happen) and I owe it to you guys (and my fiancee;) ). So... Thank you:).
  2. I've been waiting for this, thx!
  3. Well, from what I gathered, he just wanted someone to create a theme based on his idea - not create one on his own. But I still don't quite understand why he decided to leave these boards - there was nothing rude or disrespectful in the posts above. Maybe it's just because he thought combining vista and mac was such an original and innovative idea?
  4. The last thing I would like to do is to discourage you, but such things have been done before (none of them very good, imo). Your theme could be the first one to prove that it is possible to do it "right", true, but maybe you should try to come up with something more... original?
  5. That's a nice mod, really, but if you didn't receive any positive feedback from StefanKa (as I gathered from your note in German), I don't think it's ok to publish it here (or anywhere, for that matter).
  6. Try enabling or disabling hyperpaint in WB, it did the trick for me several times.
  7. The start menu shadows can be easily removed in SkinStudio. And if that doesn't work, try enabling/disabling HyperPaint (and re-apply the theme). @MPAMPoULAs - Really nice work:)
  8. There's a weird "bump" on the IE icon - looks like the "orbit" had been cut out. Nice concept, but if you used an original shape instead of adding effects to the original one (still talking about the IE icon) it might have been a great one. Keep it up:)
  9. Why bump ninio1985's release thread? That's considered rude... @ninio - nice one:). Maybe adding a little gloss would "aquafy" the icon a little...? Just a suggestion:).
  10. @FreeLoader - One thing at a time. I still have to finish the Anai Iconset (sigh;) ). @deathmedic3rd - thank you:). I think the "perspective-thing" is an illusion, but I'll make sure to double check before releasing it:).
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