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  1. I like WordPress a lot. I don't use it anymore because I now use the Mac app RapidWeaver. Its like WordPress but a lot easier to use and better themes (A LOT BETTER).
  2. All I can say is.... WOW. This is a Mac-quality theme you got here amit. This is definetly a step forward in Windows themes. Now... When is the Mac-port gonna be released?! This would look awesome on my Mac Mini. P.S. I too would like to see a Trillan and iTunes skin for this theme. P.S.S. As a Mac user, I usually don't like Windows themes to be called as GUIKits (since GUIKit is a Mac term). But since this theme is just so professional and high quality, this theme definetly earns the title of GUIKit. I give it my unofficial GUIKit Seal of Approval* *Name pending
  3. Awesome DPs! These wallpapers are top-notch...they deserve the FP! ---- I know someone is gonna request this *soon* so I'll just do them a favor.. Can you release a set of the exact same wallpaper sans the Windows Logo? That'd be awesome....thanks in advance. ---- EDIT: After looking at ALL of them...I can't tell which one is my favorite. They are all so eye-pleasing! GOOD JOB!
  4. How much space do they offer now? With Yahoo!, I get 2 GB. BTW, is Gmail really all that great compared to Yahoo?
  5. Hahaa...alright alright. Let's flood this thread then! Keep it at the top! FOREVER! BTW, aquaraven, your desktop picture matches my wallpaper.
  6. Just check the "thanks-box" underneathe his post. He's had 5 Thank-U's. Your style for this one is somewhat Aqua + Crystal combined. It loooks great.
  7. @Nico - can you give me the [link] for that awesome desktop picture? @batman1984 - me likey
  8. We don't know about this one steelfist. This whole "We're moving to Intel" is messing everything up.
  9. Wow...and I thought this problem only happened to me! I before I *attempted* to change my pass and email, I could only log in using the login in box at the top of the window but not when I click the log in button. I changed my pass, the stupid number didn't work! :Grumble:
  10. Alright [email protected]! So now we got an artist on board. Now we just need some coders...and another artist or two, the more the merrier. All we can ask is that you get out and throw this project around the community so we can get people interested and hopefully get some coders and other artists. Remember, just have that person PM us or email us at p0w3rmac AT sbcglobal DOT net .
  11. Also from Macthemes.net (by me): Contrary to what some people believe, not only do we need coders for this project, we need artists to make the images. Basically, I really suck at Photoshop. Funny how this widget was supposed to be simple and light and now its has a lot of planned features and has become marginally complex. I still believe that it should still be light on system resources. Lastly, I believe that we can get the widget to display your downloads, but to display your entire LAN's downloads is mind-bogging. I'll contact the Mac Bittorrent Developer once we have something to s
  12. From Macthemes.net (by me): I thought of another really cool idea. Have the torrents in the drawer be dragable so you can organize them. The top-most torrent obviously be displayed on the orb. Also, double click on an element (progress bar, DL speed, etc) and have it organize the torrents in decending order. Or have a drop out menu at the bottom like this Phew. I'm on a roll!
  13. A mock up of something similar is posted on NeoWin.net already (but I've never seen it before). Clicky The mock-up looks great (I prefer Electric BlueBlack combo over RedBlack). The round orb is a great idea but when its expanded it looks really cluttered. Also the mock-up is a "Torrent Downloader" not a "Torrent Progress Viewing...thing." Okay how bout this.. The orb (just like the mock up) shows the percentage in the middle and the name scrolling near the bottom of the widget. You press the "i" (or an arrow) on the orb and it expands (like the mock up) and displays the progress of AL
  14. Alright guys, it’s posted on Macthemes.net. Clicky This will be pretty sweet if this idea is actually realized. I'm horrible at Photoshop but I'm trying to get a little example of what I've imagined it to be. Question: Does anyone know if you can make an outline or something similar animated? For example: a glowing/pulsating blue outline.
  15. I seriously don't ever DL illegal things but the "Your favorite Bittorrent Client" thread gave me an idea for Dashboard (and other widget engines). A widget that shows the progress of your downloads! Just a little, lite widget that just displays the names of your downloads and the current speed. Nothing fancy, yet useful. I don't know how to do it but I can at least contribute the GUI design of the widget. I'm just a PM away. (I hope this thread gets some attention :confused: )
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