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  1. Am I the only one who gets the dock to crash when I try to quit the application? This is new to me (last I used 0.51). The effect is rather weird: Every other icon in the dock gets erased, but the rest stays, and even though it disappears as a task, a dock process is still running, which needs to be killed. Oh, and when I try to shutdown the computer, with dock running, nada happens (this also worked for me in 0.51).
  2. You (or someone here) leak a beta, and you are suprised that he's gone quiet all of a sudden? Pff.
  3. http://users.wpi.edu/~phoenix/macosx/dock.html
  4. Hey, Grusic, I missed your answer there. Aha, so I don't need to use the long registry strings. Interesting. I think I'll add this to the bug thread, as... a strange feature... Thanks for the info!
  5. You're not that bright, are you? Have you even looked in the ObjectDock folder, readme file, or the Crystallized folder?
  6. Yes, yes, yes... but in case you haven't noticed, ObjectDock has a BUILT IN function for system commands. It's only that the list is empty, and I saw a very large list, which made me wonder what was going on. That is why I asked.
  7. Grr, I still think this is a leaked version... installer says: "11/23/02 13:24 176,128 ObjectDock.exe" And no post by Jeff Bargmann in this thread yet, except the one saying that 0.52 was an unintentional release...
  8. My reason for asking about alpha transparency is, of course that you cannot include it in a hexadecimal color code. I still believe that a flat colored rectangle is faster than a graphical bitmap with an alpha channel. By the way, Mobydock is catching up: " - you can drop files ( e.g. *.htm to internet explorer, *.jpg to photoshop) to open them with the application you are dropping it on ( NO SUPPORT FOR COPYING FILES TO FOLDERS SO FAR) !"
  9. Oh, btw... I don't care for themeing one bit, and I bet that a graphical bitmap is slower to redraw than one filled with a flat rectangle... so any chance to turn off background graphics and use a simple plain colored variant, with perhaps two options: "Background Color" (in the #FFFFFF format, for example) and "Alpha Transparency"?
  10. What is this? Now the download link on the official site says objectdock055.exe Does your own people leak your own product?
  11. When minimized windows jump up and down to notify an event is nice, but if you are away from the computer when it happens, you miss it. The standard Taskbar flashes orange, and then leaves the orange color in place until you check it out. I think a better way to do things would to leave the jumping shortcut raised until you have clicked on it. Ps. The ObjectDock's behavior when displaying 20+ items is irratic. The background can disappear and icons doesn't get resized properly. The real dock can handle at least twice the amount (though icons get really small then).
  12. Aha, and was that his wishlist or are they actually going to be implemented?
  13. Ricky, I only use Phoenix (from Mozilla). It also has tabs, but more importantly, it's the only browser except Explorer which is able to view all pages I visit correctly, including secure online banking (very important).
  14. Maybe it's because that MDI is evil... EVIL I TELL YOU! I am glad that Microsoft doesn't officially support MDI anymore. I believe the API is even gone from the XP SDK.
  15. I saw a really long list of System Commands which I guess were going to be added to ObjectDock through it's "Add SysCommand" function, but I cannot find the post and the only system commands in 0.51 is Quit and Dock Settings, which aren't really Windows system commands (as the mentioned list was). I hope this is still being planned for a future version?
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