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  1. Just wanted to say that this looks really sweet. Keep up the good work. Cant wait...
  2. Anybody know a good one for osx? Preferably free...
  3. Found this really cool little app for browsing your album art. Check it and download here: http://www.steelskies.com/coverflow/ For osx tiger only
  4. Well guys I dont know about you but I'm really excited & hoping that the new intel based macs will arrive tomorrow. I saved up cash for the intel imac which propably wont be announced tomorrow but who knows. Here are the top 10 things apple could announce tomorrow according to Zdnet 10. Mac OS X 10.5 9. Intel PowerBook 8. iWork '06 7. iLife '06 6. Bluetooth remote control 4. AirPort Ultra 3. 1GB iPod nano 2. Intel Mac mini 1. Widescreen Intel iBook http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=67 Lets see how it turns out. What do you think? ------------------------------- In the im
  5. wow! You are GOD. Ive been waiting for almost a year.
  6. The resources were posted in this thread before by PDidee Here is the link http://www.photophysician.net/Aqua-Soft/Contents.zip
  7. I guess people working at apple in sweden are asses. I went to buy a new 20gig ipod at the apple center in Lund but as expected they were out of stock. I went to the next town which is Malmo and the guy behind the counter was being real lazy and didnt answer my questions. He just refered to some papers & pricelists lying around. He was generally rude and undfriendly so I went and bought it at another electronics store, not apple center. This is not good. If anybody working for apple is reading this the message is: Shape up!!!!!!
  8. When I change to large avatars on my contact list the stripes remain the same size which does not look good. Does anybody know what size the PanelBuddy.png picture has to be if youre using large avatars?
  9. fannymites, thats really great news. Ive been looking forward to this since last spring.
  10. Dont know if this is possible but it would be real nice to have the white and blue stripes in ABC torrent instead of the white and grey. Any ideas?
  11. Any ideas on how to get an itunes 5 shadow with winfx?
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