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  1. PARE!! CONGRATULATIONS.. Welcome to the club! Pa binyagan mo na..
  2. Particularly from what I heard, The Mac's hardware will use the x86 chipset to replace the G5 processors. As Mac has a 64 bit computing maybe they will use the Intel's 64 bit chips. In My Assessement, it is great to power Mac's whith Intel's chip. This going to the fastest Computers ever built.
  3. Can anybody help with this! i cant download the skin anymore. i need skin for brushed & milk and others i don't about... Pls. Help..
  4. Congratualtions, Hoping for the best ..
  5. @ unbeliever can you make this? i'll get permission?
  6. Can this be converted to konfabulator, this "Expander skin for AveTunes"... hope so.. its good to use just one application.. what do you think??
  7. does konfabulator have this type of wiget??
  8. Looking for this widget, it's a Google Search bar using konfabulator 1.8.2 for windows.. Thanks.. http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/v...nshot-23306.jpg
  9. Hey Hills San, The work is superb! Hope you could make one for Ai Tunes for Avetunes? You know Metal Cream Milk.. http://beverlyhills.web.infoseek.co.jp/others.html http://beverlyhills.web.infoseek.co.jp/others.html Thanks
  10. Deleted. Wrong Info :confused:
  11. Where can i find a tutorials on how to install this?
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