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  1. Thanks. Any idea where I can get the version atreiu is using (aside from capturing it myself)?
  2. @atreiu A bit off-topic but could you share your wall from the screenshot? I think it's great.
  3. Tested with a Pentium Centrino notebook 1.7 ghz single core 512mb RAM and it runs smooth on XP SP2. Doesn't work with Transbar and rklauncher though. Both flicker. And I found another bug. When choosing the lighthouse wallpaper/movie, I cannot access the preferences dialogue anymore. It seems that the window hides "behind" the movie/wallpaper. Anyways great app for those who don't have Vista. Greetings
  4. @markoz: If you want only the taskbar to be transparent, use transbar. Just google for it. Can be found anywhere. Don't know if it works on Vista though for I'm on XP.
  5. Press print screen, then go to your favourite draw application. then go to edit => paste. tada. save as jpeg and upload screenshot
  6. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck. Great program!
  7. @babyscholar: I think AutoHotkey can do what you want. I'm not a programmer but people say it has a scripting language that's very easy to learn. Download here: www.autohotkey.com
  8. Are you on Vista? I read something about Vista protecting folders that are critical for rklauncher to store its preferences. If so, try running the program with full rights, configure your dock, exit program and rerun it as regular user. I can't help any further for I'm running XP and never had problems with rklauncher. For Stacks: Perform a forum search for stacks docklet download it move the unzipped folder into rklauncher's docklets folder right click the dock and choose "add docklet" Where it says: docklet information "Type", change from Y'z docklet to Object Dock docklet click the stacks
  9. There MUST be a problem with the latest iTunes versions and MPlugin. When I installed MPlugin lately, iTunes wouldn't start anymore. Had to uninstall MPlugin. Sad but true. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?
  10. @matonga The fan is awesome! I noticed that the zip-file icons are blurry in both, fan and grid mode (see attached image). This only appears in newer versions (downloaded one yesterday and didn't have that issue). The video file icon isn't affected though. Tried also with word document icon and that's blurry, too. Great work anyway. Greetings Fosssi.
  11. @matonga VLC now working! Thanks! Still no shortcuts on rklauncher 0.41 beta build 282 Greetings Fosssi
  12. Hi there! First of all, great work. Didn't expect to see something like that on windows. Found one (maybe two?) glitches in rklauncher: 1. When I click on a file everything works fine except with video files (using VLC). VLC won't open. In fact, the stacks icon jumps and everything seems fine but nothing happens. Tried it with compressed folders,pictures and word documents and everything is fine there. Perhaps it's a VLC issue? 2. Bug or feature? :-) The grid doesn't show shortcuts. I'd like to see where this leads to. Very promising start as always.
  13. I'm not pretty sure what you mean. But if I guess right then you don't need a docklet. Create a shortcut that points to "%windir%system32rundll32.exe shell32.dll,control_rundll HotPlug.dll" Add it to your dock and your done. For more info: http://www.neilturner.me.uk/2007/Apr/05/cr..._remove_ha.html That should be all you need.
  14. Try WinExpose by matonga from here: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=38624 (no multi-monitor support)
  15. Thanks for developing this great free app. I'm still having fun with it.
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