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  1. Thank you all! I suppose this one went pretty good. Even got a Daily Deviationon this from DeviantArt!
  2. I'm glad you guys like it! Just updated for better ICO versions (hehe I packed the wrong ones instead)
  3. Hmmm I see... thanks to all of you!
  4. Thank you very much to all of you, really! Just updated, by the way. I can't believe I've put an O instead of a W for west (it writes "Oeste" in portuguese, my primary language). So if you downloaded already, please do it again... I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, seriously. =(
  5. Download Here WHAT'S IT? ~~~~~~~~~~ Browser Compass Icons is an icon pack meant to serve all those who are very picky about what they do use, be it a browser or its icon. FEATURES ~~~~~~~ - 5 Browser types: Safari, Opera, Firefox, Network, Simple - 3 Different Styles: Aqua, Graphite and Black - 2 Sizes: 128 and 256px (maybe 512px later =P) - ICO and PNG file formats.
  6. Link to Deviant Art Download More info about it on DeviantArt.
  7. Anyone interested on porting this to Windowblinds? =p Here's it, in case you don't know: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27326779/
  8. I really find this skin amazing, it's great to see it got poerted so quick and maintaning quality. Is there any chance of a Windowblinds port? Would work wonders here =P
  9. Come on man, I meant that the problem would be brought by the popularity Intel would bring to Apple systems, no technical reasons mentioned... I'm not dumb. That looked like showing off...
  10. Oh... I guess people can't find any more IE bugs, so many have been already reported =P But yeah popularity comes both good and bad ways. I'm trying to imagine in a few years how many Mac OS X viruses and exploits we'll have with all this Intel stuff... =
  11. This should be inWeb Development, should it? Somebody move =P Since each browser handles transparency on it's own way (this hasn't been set standards yet. And well even if it does, MS wouldn't follow it anyway...). Example, to get 80% transparency you should use a code in CSS style like the one below: filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=80); -moz-opacity: 0.8; MS Opacity ranges from 0 to 100, and Mozilla's ranges from 0 to 1, using decimals. Usually transparency isn't the fastest way of doing it, if you can blend in the own image, would be better, and don't abuse using t
  12. Agreed. People come to you like "OMG WOW THIS IS THE MOST <*****> THING EVER". The fun thing is that they come like that at least once a week.
  13. That was my first guess too, but other aspects of the theme are saved, like desklets and other icon attributes (labels etc.). Recycle bin and cd, for example, keep their image settings due to their secondary image attributes (e.g. full/empty). Thanks anyway for the answer, stylist.
  14. Hi everyone. I've been using AveDesk for quite a while and one thing I don't get is why always I change the avedesk icons' pictures, they revert back to the old ones (the ones I have 1st set) when program is restarted. I don't know if anybody had this kind of problem, but it's incredibly annoying... Is the only solution creating new ones? sorry if this issue has been already reported but I guess I couln't find anything like this in other posts. Thank you.
  15. Yes, I thought about doing that, but WindowBlinds doesn't support setting font styles in overrides. If what you say works, maybe I could try editing the skin. Hmm I look psychotic with all these posts. duyvan82, sorry about flooding your thread with this. I'll think about creating a new thread somewhere else for this...
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