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    Can someone PM me the wall w/and w/out the puma? I can't get to personal network storage from work and I love the wall and the pattern... Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the link...I personally like Statue in the nature section
  3. Sorry about that...thought you wanted the background of the computer
  4. Try here: http://dhananjay.smallthingy.net/vista5365...?fpp=100&fid=28
  5. Pretty much my thoughts as well
  6. Wow....you are just getting better and better. Keep it going!!!
  7. Any chance I can a get a Left? I am left handed and need a left! Just joking I love your style Vlad...
  8. Very nice...I like it and am using it now!
  9. COngratulations on having on entire folder dedicated to your work on my laptop!
  10. Nice work... I especially like Smooth Peach...........
  11. bubb


    I like it and will give it a try at home....
  12. no kidding! These are really neat walls..good job
  13. yeah....that's nice stuff The border around the picture looks out of place to me. Could just be me though
  14. This is turning into ALBA-SOFT.ORG
  15. That is nice work... I will use at home!
  16. There is not anything even comPEARable....
  17. Don't get down...keep trucking
  18. Very nice...very nice indeed Goes good with a bunch of your wallpapers that I like very much as well!
  19. Love the splashes of color... Nice job!
  20. Awesome!!! Especially since I found a black Nano under the tree on Sunday!!! Yeah!!!
  21. Keep making more vectors! I like 'em! Good job on this one!
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