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  1. I dont know if someone already said that, but on Vista the docklet does not cope w/ the "smart" folders.
  2. Looks nice. Too bad its not for UIQ3 (m600, p1, 980) since they all have touchscreens so the possibilities are bigger.
  3. If 'Windows Aero' shows up, than apply it.
  4. I had this issue in the past and as I sad, it was a broken Smiley link.
  5. My Guess is that u have a broken smiley-link. Check your logs to see exactly what happens.
  6. Dreaamweaver. But if I were u I would go for notepad++. All u need at the begining is php/css colouring.
  7. HTML, SQL, PHP ;] all to the extent which is usefull for me ;]
  8. Firefox (if u want to make it 'your own') Vista Battery Saver (if u have a notebook) Switcher (Flip3d replacement which looks like expose on Mac) RocketDock (or any other dock, this one uses DWM for live preview of windows). TrueCrypt (password protected antyhing) Shutdown Timer Miranda (multiprotocol IM) PowerMenu (transparency, always on top) WinSplit (windows positioning) Taskbar Shuffle (advanced grouping feautures on your taskbar + ability to drag and drop windows on it). PeerGuardian2 (blocks specific IP ranges) There are some useful things already in Vista: Snipping Tool (screen/window
  9. There is a Windows PowerToy which does sth similar. It looks worse though and takes up some resources.
  10. Very nice, but the design is inconsistent (some are cropped, some are resized and centred).
  11. These icns are great. Thx.
  12. As virtually all agree here the new nano is plain UGLY. The proportions are just bad. Sadly uglyness continues with 'classic' which loses all what was nice about original ipod series. As for the touch I have to admit that I had a moment of weakness and was like, yhea I'll be buying one (I even started thinking who of my friends is in the US right now and could grab one for me, as they're cheaper over there). But then I thought, 16GB? WTF? Right now I have over 40GB of stuff on my 60GB 5G. And don't get me wrong it's not that I have that much music on it. I use it also as my library folder. But
  13. nixter; sorry, I was refering to coldwerturkey's post. Did you updte any drivers prior to when the problem occurred?
  14. From what I remeber Samsung has two version of drivers (digital/analog), check if you have installed both of them.
  15. Same conlcusions here. That's the best windows I can remeber (and I began this Windows-adventure when it was v3.1) and because of few changes (mainly search) it is for me the biggest step forward that M$ has ever made.
  16. r-click on the bar and uncheck 'menus toolbar'.
  17. Or hide the toolbar alltogehter ;] It will show up agian if u press l-alt.
  18. Im not a fan of those compass-like-things but this one is just stunning. Thx.
  19. Looks cool. It's a shame though that u ditched DWM/Aero.
  20. I had no idea that was 'the' icon he was looking for. It was purple and it is a lightbulb. I don't know whether there is an application behind this icon. I got it through a request as well.
  21. Apple is probably going to announce new iPods as the prices of 5.5g went down recently. It some sort of a tradition for Apple to allow such cuts few months prior to a new release.
  22. With Favicon Picker 2 extension you could change any favicon to whatever you want and do it quickly as its accepts wildcarts.
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