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  1. AFAIK, Sony's Sound Forge is able to read and write Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation codecs (ADPCM), a form of pulse code modulation (PCM) that produces a digital signal with a lower bit rate than standard PCM. I know Sound Forge is not freeware although you could download the 30 days trial version and convert it to any other format. B.
  2. I used to have a similar issue with a PC notebook; It happened when I plugged several devices to the usb. LaCie Disks take a lot of energy from the usb 2.0 connection, and if there are several devices connected, the computer doesn't supply enought power, and it doesn't recognizes the unit. I don't know the wattage of your powerbook's power supply but it could be the problem... Good luck! B.
  3. CiD2, take a look @ here ;-) B.
  4. Whoah! Nice set released here! Just a lil question about stickies: It's possible to launch a new spawned sticky from an external .js (or .bat) file? I mean, It'd be really great to be able to launch a new sticky from the dock... B.
  5. ID3 TagIt: it's free, CDDB conection, and easy to use.
  6. a) an OD/RK/YZ docklet to control AD: It would be great to configure desklets, launch them (eg. notes), like dashboard does, maybe displaying a tabbed pane... (I really hate having too many icons in the systray...) As AD is able to use OD docklets, I suppose such a docklet would also be funny as a desklet... The lack of autosave config issue... c) System monitoring (sysstats) and shortcuts to drives and folders d) Flexibility: you can place in desktop almost everything you can imagine e) Just to thank you for your GREAT work. Keep it up. Deskmod would
  7. Some time ago, I was looking for a nice Dock to place into my site. I've found 2 diferent docks: in Flash: http://jrgraphix.net/research/flash_dock.php (the same posted above) in java script: http://scriptasylum.com/mouse/linkdock/linkdock.html You'll need some edition to achive your wills... But They work great. The one made in Actionscript (Flash) seems to run smoother (?). You can see the flash one in action @ my website Good Luck! B.
  8. Could Anyone please test these fonts? Place the ini file inside "..AveDesk11\Desklets\AveItunes\Skins\KonfMiniTunes" folder please. B. Update.rar
  9. I don't know what's happening with the fonts. I'm pretty sure these fonts are the good ones. Maybe it's some kind of ATM issue. In fact, these fons work great in my comp. I'm gonna search for another release or even sarch for a similar font to make it work... Is there anyone with the fonts WORKING? tx... B.
  10. I'm sorry... I've made a mistake and attached the wrong Fonts. Here you have the right ones. Just use the oringinal ini file and installl these ones. B. EDIT: I've edited the rar file with the right fonts. If you prefer you may re-download it @ DA. Helvetica.rar
  11. Did you try restarting avedesk? I'm not @ home... when I'll be there I'll look into it. Anyone having the same issue?
  12. Skin Updated. See first post for details.
  13. That's great! But with this code, the desklet is suposed to keep running hidden. Wouldn't be better a way to select a new systats config with some kind of JS script? This way, we could make two sysstats configs, the small one & the big one, and beeing able to switch between them with a click... ...Just a thought! B.
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