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  1. I don't want to take away to the meaning off this thread but since it's about members leaving.... I'm sad to bring to your attention that I will no longer take a part in this community. I am not 100% leaving, I will be here time to time making sure no flame goes unanswered. I know I havnt contributed that much here but i strived to make sure artists got the respect they deserved. The reasons of my leave are many but it simply comes down to lack of time due to medical problem that I really dont want to get into right now. Again, my intentions were not to draw attention off Alilm but rather
  2. That icon looks sharp... My only request is for a porn folder.
  3. Duckie should read the dates of threads before he trys to take it upon himself to ridicule people here. I would have no problem with it if I saw it one thread but in all the Aero releated threads is kind of too much.
  4. Hmm... seeing as the thread was created before Aero-soft was open... I defintley think that Duckie deserves a SHUT THE FCUK UP! I'm leaving this post an example of something that will get you IP banned from the site forever. What, you thought we were kidding? Member banned. Post left to warn others. Deadzombie
  5. Those controls are part of CRNI objectbar themes.
  6. Joshua yayfordeathmetal at cox dot net
  7. wow this is going to make me change my theme from HmmXP.
  8. He's from Northern Europe and keep listening to the radio junk.
  9. After further review in my head, I would like to appologize to DZ... I think the idea is great, i'm just afraid of people leaving one community for the other. Anyways, if you need help with staff i'm your man.
  10. I dont think its possible to hack Photoshop. There is a luna theme for Macs though. I think it's called OSXP.
  11. He didnt know what to search for. Icons are hard to search for... What do you have to type: "Icons that look like... ummm?"
  12. Here you go seXXI. Download
  13. Here's a little something put together while listening to one of the greatest bands of all-time. Download I also need some input to as if you can see the Crimson Ghost in the background. I made it using "Black on Black" styling. Please let me know if you can see it or is my contrast just set wrong.
  14. Even if you could land a plane on it... i'd still hit it. @DZ Beauty is in the eyes' of the beholder.
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