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  1. spex04

    Dock Tools

    Yea, I'm adding some more support shortly, going to add objectdock/mobydock/rocketdock. Any other ones i've missed? BTW, credit to the original program, as that gave me the idea. [ Need help ] Where can I find the file with the ObjectDock item's in it? I've found the default file's but can't find the ones currently in use.. :confused: Also, raduking, if you read this, RKL doesn't seems to save the arguments for dockets..?
  2. spex04

    Dock Tools

    Right, whilst reading through this thread, I decided on making my own version of the converter. I decided I wanted to make it be able to support more than just Yz > RK (more will come later), and be able to use command line arguments, so that the GUI isn't needed. Anyway, here's a rough first version, and yes it is looking ugly because of VB6 [ATTACH]6839[/ATTACH] prjDock.zip
  3. Oooo... Nice work Agree with pwnzrzpat about the apple logo though
  4. Good news. As you said, should boost up the OB scene
  5. Nice.. been waiting for a port
  6. Wicked... can't wait. I already thought this set was complete, so i cant wait for these new icons p.s. have you thought of doing an iRiver H140 icon? should just be a basic recolour to black of the H120 one?
  7. Amazing work :D edit: found some typos in the readme...
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