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  1. When run from the recovery console, outputs "The system cannot find the file specified" for each command in the text file. I had to run the recovery console, as I cannot boot into Windows.
  2. Where are you getting your stats, flyakite?
  3. I believe the network drive icon was incorrect...shouldn't it use the external drive icon opposed to the iDisk icon?
  4. Too bad none of these work for CSS table backgrounds...
  5. Maybe someone can upload this to MegaUpload or something?
  6. I would like to use this docklet to check if there are any new messages in Mozilla Thunderbird, not check the actual server. Any ideas?
  7. If I encode a video with H.264 compression, will Quicktime 6 users be able to view it at half-size?
  8. Also, "same instance" by default seems obvious to me...
  9. A friend of mine is actually working on a similar script...
  10. Will we be getting a tiger version (without the border)?
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