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  1. if you like a previous artists work that much... use it as inspiration and the start from scratch, incorporating the changes you wanted to make to the original. it may look similar, but at least it's all your own work! (if you want to release said work, that is!)
  2. hah! i jumped on to macthemes this morning and though oh no! then came here and saw this thread.. only 3 posts.. not much discussion on it. meh.. then just then it clicked.. april fools! came back here to mention that but it was too late. oh well at least i worked it out before i posted about it all!
  3. nice desk. where abouts did you get those large iPhone icons? tnx tim.
  4. give him a break. https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cf...oduct=photoshop adobe photoshop free trial download.
  5. tja


    theres a dashboard been made for yahoo widget program by siosae (sp)... check out the yahoo widget forum. //Thread Closed. Follow tja's suggestion. -NC
  6. tja

    3rvx 1.0

    hi.. this is awesome using it in my car as my volume indicator. just curious if it is possible to integrate a numerical value into the skin so it shows volume percentage? ie when volume is at 50%, that number is displayed on the indicator.
  7. inspired by... October screenshot
  8. anyone interested in this? i just did it quickly its a bit slack but hey it was quick i havent got permissions yet.. just kinda did it for myself but if theres enough interest... preview
  9. have you tried on www.aero-soft.com ? looks like somthing that would be found there...
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