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  1. The Swine virus is not now so virulent, best method is always good hygiene, wash your hand, use disinfected soap, and never rub your eyes or put fingers in or near eyes and mouth like other flu virus... And if the warning had to go to 6 pandemic, therefore, it is advisable to use medical masks if you had to go or work in public places and high traffic. To prevent or lessen the consequences and thus be more resistant .. Take supplements of vitamin D, selenium, vitamin C (not too) and many proteins (the latter in the food, not supplements) Regarding supplements, always read the dosage and monit
  2. Nope.. Sorry but this is Dragthing for Mac http://www.dragthing.com/english/about.html Stefanka over use this app with pleasure in many screenshot.. One exemple here: http://stefanka.deviantart.com/art/Back-To-Black-106872247 And i think for Win this is Objecdock.. http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/
  3. What.. Who are you? The new one from 2008... Keep your bad words for yourself, and if you dont know how keep a good language in a forum.. Just quite. I said what i said, and here is not a release of something, it's a member with a question, and i answered to him simply, with some kind of reality and humour.. And now since Mac mini exist Mac is more accessible for all.. Better than some gadget who takes some ressources, and PC (Windows) are so instable with so many bug.
  4. Hmm the best is the original, the Mac mini is not so expensive, or iMac .. Just change your PC for a Mac
  5. This is the Finder icon made by cmyk.designs:http://www.filefactory.com/file/36b6ae/n/F...uot;>Finder.zip Enjoy, my new nephew
  6. Hi Mac_Win... Christmas gift is here:http://www.filefactory.com/file/421511/n/M...ons_Request_zip Do not have the Finder one sorry.. Most icons are by Jonas Rask, Bowtie icon by Laurent Baumann
  7. Ho wait wow.. You release the original icons made and release by Apple for Leopard.. Great... This is so original..
  8. MSN messenger work good with Mac, but for the moment no video conference.. perhaps later this month.. Msn messenger work good too via iChat... And sure with Adium
  9. Cool theme, i have a question about an other thing i see on your site, what is the mask avatar you have.. It is an png icon? If yes it is possible to have.. Advance thanks
  10. Thank you that's really cool, Il is possible to release your wall with military hat too?
  11. I know this wall come from an anim site, but i forgot the reel name of the wall and the site. Ok for a time if you want this wallpaper easily it's here http://www.file2go.net/index.php?path=view...46cbe53650e7d85 thanks to schmrom to help me with a good file sharing site
  12. I have this nice wall since a moment now and upload for you, enjoy 1600x1200 only Ok, i dont know why but the wall is resized automaticly on Imagesahck, so give me your e-mail by PM or another better image upload site adress and send to you or upload.
  13. Vista now old .. You Know Leopard with Mac That's more hot in 2007 and now 2008.. You said.. Windows Vista !?! .. Cough cough! He hum... ok sorry.
  14. Also here.. I think it's a Blackberry http://mailcox.deviantart.com/art/Ukr-Net-...Mobile-74638350
  15. Good, but put a link directly at the download page, not other forum to have the dA link finally..
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