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  1. Thanks Jannie B for the site, but everyone feel free to keep posting more links and stuff. Yeah i totally agree she is perrdy hah i think it's something about those British accents that gets me all hung up hah
  2. Like the headline says looking for some good 1280 x 1024 Emma Watson wallpapers. Thanks Roninikeitaro
  3. I would like some help in finding this image But larger, 1280 X 1024 or larger, and without the words on top. Please respond to this thread if you have found one or created one. Thanks, Roninkeitaro
  4. Anyone know where can find Hi rez movie captures just like the ones that Nebuchad34 has linked...I've check that site and have no clue where Nebuchad34 has even found the one he linked
  5. I use fireworks MX and i'd like for someone to explain to me how to resize an image using Fireworks MX
  6. nightcrawler....you have changed my life with that picture haha using as wallpaper right now Thanks to everyone that gave some examples....but please don't stop posting more king kong wallpapers i gladly want to see them : )
  7. Just like the title says i 'm looking for a great looking 1280 x 1024 King Kong wallpapers . . . Peter Jackson's king kong i don't want any wallpapers of the old movie please
  8. Yeah that is what i was trying to say The one you like the most or would perfer to other people
  9. Like the title says, post the best Konfabulator widgets I like the world clock and dash bored weather
  10. Sweet wallpaper , Oh and thanks hehe
  11. Hmm the part i am still stuck on is changing the path way
  12. Then, change the path shown below...( ) to whatever the path is to your emot pack. I don't get how to do this part....Do i just take this part ( ) And just change it to the location of my current icon folder? like C:/program files/trillian/etc/etc
  13. For some odd reson when i downloaded the ichat skin for trillian it didn't come with any sort of instructions for using the bubbles. . . . . . . so i as for someone to help me to get these bubble to work with trillian Ohh and i'm using Trillian V 3.0 if that will be of any help
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