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  1. I downloaded the Royale styles and must say I like them a lot. Ifido, where can i download the styles you mentioned?
  2. Has Microsoft created any styles besides Luna? I think it'd be cool for their own developers to release some "authorized" styles. What's your opinion?
  3. 1: This is the first time i've tried to use Samurize (This skin is too awesome to pass up) 2: Whenever I try to load the widget, it says "Could Not load DLL" instead of placing any graphics/skins on my desktop. Any input? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone here duplicate the scroll bars that iTunes uses? As you can see, with the latest TD 4.02 visual style, the scroll bars come pretty darn close. But not perfect. How does iTunes do it? And how can it be duplicated into a visual style? I'm no developer, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed this and has asked for a "fix" ... SchneiDOGG ------------------- The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  5. I'd like to fix this annoying problem .... with the orange button to big on the Photoshop pallette ... Image What do I change in the MSSTYLES file to fix this? (Sorry if this has already been addressed ... ) SchneiDOGG
  6. I just switched over to FireFox and the modded classic.jar. It looks great. All I need now to complete "the look" is a cursor that looks like the "progress circle" that spins around as a page loads. Has someone made a cursor like this? It would be SWEET!!! :naughty: SchneiDOGG
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