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  1. so there i am, skiing down a glacier in the himalayas, doing 160 mph, when this oblivious snowboarder girl stumbles in front of me. so i jump hard, fly over her, stop, turn around and ask her: can you do a hundred and sixty on a snowboard?
  2. god forbid you post your find here in case someone else needs it.
  3. expansiondesign.deviantart.com or go to deviantart.com > wallpapers > vector > sort by popularity
  4. clist_modern now comes with testing builds, which is what you want to use anyway. http://www.miranda-im.org/development/
  5. it's hard to function nowadays without access to all the information the internet can provide. as for the entertainment, you can find that somewhere else.
  6. my avatar history: thanks for watching!
  7. Swayzak - Route De La Slack the new album dunno what to make of it yet.
  8. ronnie coleman, 300 pounds of bulging, steroid-driven rip-hunting machine nhf mate thanks for this, BaStar.
  9. very nice, using it now could you be bothered to make a smaller version? 1280x1024 perhaps?
  10. awesome! bigger res please
  11. IMO it needs less sharon and more spyker c8
  12. i want to realize the american dream too. move to america, have a large corporation hurt my feelings, sue them and live happily ever after.
  13. if google doesn't lie, that samsung plasma has RGB input, which means you'll be able to hook it up as a standard monitor (with a DVI to VGA adapter).
  14. they use a lot of memory, they're bloated, ugly and buggy. microsoft's solution is a lot more polished. edit: sorry for the late reply
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