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  1. Mind showing us a few windows open?
  2. They just rebranded them... They are better laptops than they were before. Fender - is $199 really that much more to pay than what you're saying? It's worth the money. People will still buy them. And Mauintosh, I agree. There are some really nicely designed PCs out there. Sony make some really nice ones. Shame they run windows, though.
  3. I think that's looking pretty good. I'm with everybody else, Comic Sans is the most horrible font ever and I wish people wouldn't use it. Its ugly and overused. As for everything else, it's looking pretty darn close. Only hard disk icons and on the desktop by default (I don't know of a way to remove them, actually) and there is no home icons, etc. As a mac user I only have drive icons and occasionally folders for something I'm doing at that very moment for easy access (So something I'll either delete or move once I'm done). The dock's slant is not at 45˚ as yours appears to be. It's a much gentler angler and the icons are a lot closer to the bottom of the screen. I've attached a screenshot of my desktop (which in terms of menu bar, dock, etc. is default... kind of) Things you should do to make it closer: - Fix the dock (icons down, get the slant angle closer) - If you can, try some different font smoothing. - Fix all those problems with graphics in the menu bar (eg. apple button, power icon, etc.) Leopard menu icons are usually black and white only (refer to mine) - Get rid of everything on your desktop except drives.... if you want. - You don't *have* to use the default wallpaper =) But if it makes you feel more like you're using a mac go right ahead. Here's my desktop for reference. Happy theming =)
  4. Hey, Sorry for the vague title. I have a modem that takes a regular SIM card and connects to the internet wirelessly using that. I wanted to know if there was software out there that can be used to send and receive text messages, store contacts on the SIM and make and receive phone calls. If anybody knows of such software, it'd be great to know. Preferably something free for Mac. It's not the end of the world if it is Windows only but I'd rather not pay for this software. Thanks.
  5. I use Magnifique... I'm not too sure if I like it or not... The ability to theme leopard is nice, but I do wonder if it is a good idea or not. The interface is really ugly and sluggish, trying to look at a preview takes for ever. I don't think the downloads should have been built in... bad idea. I used it previously and had some problems. Stopped using it. Two or so months lkater came back and tried a different theme but haven't had too many problems so far. But as soon as Façade comes out, I'm switching!
  6. Where does this leave Snarl? I find it annoying when unnecessary competition comes in. Snarl has a few good supported apps... As long as enogh people get on side it should be great. And I can't find any evidence of this being an official port/clone(?) of Growl either. No mention of it on Growl for Windows, No mention on the official growl site. Well, anyway, whichever app turns out more popular, Growl or Snarl should be fantastic. I'm loving Growl on my Mac, so having it on Windows too would be fantastic. ~Wuzzie.
  7. I don't know why my username is Wuzzie. I actually can't remember how I came up with it.
  8. Microsoft Internet Explorer, definately! Joking. You did know that, right? I've used Firefox since... since before it was named Firefox. I use it on my Mac, I use it on Windows. I'd use it on Linux if I used Linux. It is the best browser. Opera is a bit clunky for me. Safari is nice, clean and fast. Chrome is nice, but I wish it never came about. Please, think about the developers! I don't see any reason for an other browser to come into the mix. Internet Explorer.... developer hell. However, I am happy that I have running (and working) IE 3-8 side by side. If the world was how I'd like it, everybody would use Firefox. ~Wuzzie.
  9. I'm backing a suprise appearance to post in the article. Dunno if anybody knows over ever knew me =P I don't think The Pirate Bay should have to pay up their money. They are providing a torrent search website and it is the community of people using it who are breaking the laws. I know it is kind of wrong, but here in Australia, you can buy bongs, hookahs, etc. to smoke drugs. It's 100% legal. It's just the drugs themselves that are illegal. I really don't care about that much, but why should this be different? However, at the same time I do think it would be completely wrong if it was decided to make this type of file sharing free and legal, always. The people who make movies and music deserve their money. We can't expect everything in this world for free. I know the big companies like WB may not be paying their Artists an equal or greater cut than what they are taking of the money, but the artists should still be receiving something. So basically, I wouldn't care if they were hunting down individuals who pirated things, but The Pirate Bay should not have to pay for it. That like saying "Jeff slept at your house once. Now he's murdered somebody. You have to do the time" -- Yeah, that's fair. ~Wuzzie.
  10. Go to sleep, it's way too late to be messing around with your iPod.
  11. I've always loved the design of the G4. Damn, I wanted one so desperately when they came out, and something in me still wants one... Maybe I'll buy one with a working screen but broken internals and build a new pc into it? I own a green G3 and one of the latest 20" aluminium iMacs. I'd like to do something with the G3 but I don't know what. Anywhey, G4 ftw.
  12. Ha, I should have done my research before I posted this, I didn't know about the IE8 standards mode. =P I guess that means less hassle for web developers in about 10 years.
  13. People complain a lot about how terrible IE is, in that it renders everything in its own bizarre way making things hell for developers. But what if Internet Explorer 8 was a fork of Firefox? Sure it would make everything better for developers, but I'm certain it would still kick up a fuss, in that all the Firefox and Open Source fans would accuse Microsoft for ripping off FF, as I'm sure they would leave minimal evidence within the software that it was a fork of FF, and i highly doubt they would credit them in any way. The average n00b would have no idea that M$ didn't make the product. What do you think would happen if IE 8 was a fork of IE? I think in the long shot it would be good for the internet's users and developers, but hell for Firefox & open source fans. It would be nice if perhaps, Windows came with Firefox and IE was discontinued, but that's not happening anytime soon. wuzzie
  14. Levi - mind posting a link to your site? I'm going to uni in 2 or 3 years so your site could come in handy. I think what might really help is if you have a really good thread (or a few) and put it on stumbleupon and get it on all those social sharing/bookmark kinda sites. Digg it, and put it on directory sites like Google Directory and Yahoo! Directory. Also Google Analytics could help you find where your visitors are coming from and give you statistics that might help you improve hits. I hope your site goes well!!
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