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  1. Attached is a zip file with all the icons from IE7beta3, for you would-be theme designers. If there are any icons/images missing that you'd like me to try and find, just say the word. (these are just a few included) ie7beta3.zip
  2. <3 These will go perfect with my current desktop!
  3. I got that far, but I don't know how to add soudns for events that aren't already on the list. For example, "Menu Command" is on the list, and I can add any kind of sound I want for that, but how would I add another event, like a keystroke, to the list so I'm able to assign a sound to it? Thanks Edit: I was browing through thre registry and found all the triggers at... HKEY_USERS*AppEventsSchemesApps.DefaultClose.Current The asterik is your ID string for the user with the sounds. I'll try to see if I can't figure this out.
  4. How would one go about adding new sound events? By that I mean something similar to the sound trigger for clicking a link, minimizing/maximizing a window, etc, which are already included. Programs will often add their own sound events when installed, which leads me to believe there has to be a relatively easy way to do this. Sorry ahead of time for a poorly worded post. It's late and I didn't want to forget to post this in the morning. Thanks.
  5. I'm trying to find the emoticon set this smiley came from: For the life of me I can't remember who the author of the set is. Edit: My user icon is also from a variation of the set by the same author.
  6. I know there's a simple way via UserChrome.css to move the tab bar to the bottom... but I forgot and can't find it right now. Anybody happen to know how?
  7. http://mgs0008b221.wordpress.com/ I updated the main post also. I guess it didn't like the brackets.
  8. Yah, I actually stumbled on it by going to WordPress.com instead of .org But yah, I have indeed been looking for a host, when I get some money I'll send you a PM.
  9. Sorry for the confusion, anywho, about the skinning, it's hosted on WordPress.com, not my own server, so the only skins I can use are the ones on their list. I can't install new skins, or modify existing ones, and since only two or three skins display your Pages section where it's easy to see, I chose one I could tweak the most (even though it is a small amount). If in fact I _can_ add skins for WordPress.com, do tell me how. The only way I know of at the moment is to run WordPress itself on my own host instead of just creating a WordPress.com account.
  10. Actually it's green, there are some color normalizers out there to help insure that everyone sees the same colors. Anywho, I'm sticking with the stock skin atm because I can't customize any of them or install new ones, and it allows for the easiest navigation out of the ones you can choose from, which in my opinion is more important than looks, especially for what's probably going to end up a temporary site. 404 errors are the fault of wordpress.com, not mine. I appreciate the criticism, jsut seems like you're a little quick to assume the worst. Especially considering you have no site to b
  11. I know I have a disc for Restrospect Backup somewhere, from who knows where, but I'm not sure if it's good. I really just want something simple; something that just copies the files themselves, no weird or proprietary formats like that built in Microsoft Backup Utility. Anyone have any favorites or suggestions?
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