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  1. oh,my god. i reinstalled my system,and setup styler ,it worked for some reason,i deleted styler and when i try to setuped styler 1.4 ,it noticed the same error~!!!! help~~~ i don't want to reinstalled my XP please~
  2. when i'm installing styler 1.401 free version i have this error. after the install i open styler and all features work, but toolbars doesnt work. i try to register the StylerTB.dll ,but failed too ,it noticed tt can't register . please, help. ps, beford i installed 1.4 , i have setuped styler 1.3 in my computer , and it works . then , after i failed to setup styler1.4 , i try to install older version ,but ,it also noticed the StylerTB.dll can't register too ~!! right now , i can't use styler at all ~!!!
  3. i'm sorry to tell you that PCPChina has already stopped the new customer to register. so i can't help u right now but i knew that many user have not only just one account ........ if u have friends in there , u can ask ....
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