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  1. Yeah jef, I remember you. Don't think we ever interacted, but it was hard to not notice you with that administrator flair I remember crediting you for the idea of an avetunes skin I made.
  2. Came back here today to find the name of an artist I was a fan of back in the day. I ended up going though a bunch of my old post's, it's weird to read something I wrote in my teens... I ended up just buying macs when I finally got a decent job, on a 2015 macbook pro 15" now. Looking back, everything we did was such a hack job, but it was all so much fun. I don't think I would have ever poked at the internals of windows as much as I did if it wasn't for this place, learned a lot. I really wish I didn't host everything I made here on my damn comcast account though :( Any
  3. its not that it isn't detected, windows can tell me what my hardware is, no unknowns, they just don't have the drivers for it. and my hardware is not old, its not new, but its definitely not old. it does run almost (there are times...) flawlessly on linux, but not because it is low on resources (far more optimized then windows), but because they have the drivers to back it up. and there isnt some silly, "hey i detected some new hardware" dialog, it just works, no installing drivers, no restarting, just works. i mean, it works perfectly on all my older computers that vista cant do anything with
  4. coldwerturkey- sorry but i just have to correct you on this, Microsoft is "#1" because it got there first, thats it. Having allot of things running at startup on any system will make the boot time slower. and weather or not it's certified by Microsoft makes no difference except one has a sticker. the difference is in the developer, how well they optimize there code, what they are writing it in, bug hunting, etc. windows, believe it or not, is very, very buggy. ever heard of the BSOD? Linux is way more stable than windows in almost every way. but its not perfect, theres always kernel panics
  5. well i use the lightbox plugin for wordpress to display my images. but if you want to change the way the plugin displays your gallery, your probally gonna need to edit the css.
  6. hey, if you want i could give you some space on my server. just message me if your interested.
  7. wow, i really need to start reading the names of the people who reply...
  8. well crni hasn't emailed me back yet, is he not reachable?
  9. heh, i forgot about my old comcast acount. i didn't do that other one your requesting but i think i remember an avetunes version of it. edit: looks like it was only for samurize. ill ask the author real quick if i can port it to avetunes...
  10. heh, im the one that made it... if you want i can edit it to show local ip too
  11. not that i know of.... i think there was something for macs, but i cant remember
  12. it also works on ati cards, on fgrlx. i am on nvidia with aiglx with the nvidia beta drivers. as far as wireless goes, i have no experience. but i do know there have been allot of howto's posted on the ubuntu forums and the ubuntu wiki. i love linux, switched from windows (modded to look like os x of cource) about a year ago and havent looked back. all the games i regularly play on steam, ive been able to install and play on linux with wine. plus you wouldent belive how much better modifying the ui is than on windows, it may not be easy but it looks so good in the end.
  13. hey timan, i made a picture gallery script a while ago thats pretty simple and easy to customize. though it doesn't have many more features besides viewing pictures, more functionality could be built into it pretty easily. http://cycodude.com/gallary/new/ i never really spent much time on it so its nothing great
  14. heh, i found my diablo cd the other day and im looking for my d2 LOD battle chest right now.
  15. no, this is great. thanks a bunch nc, you rock
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