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  1. Was the best of times (avetunes, susumu, dj, jonas, bz, etc.) and the worst of times (niobium, aqua story). This site helped nurture many of todays artists and designers/coders. I think I have posted more on this forum than any other. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you! Come to think of it, every other forum we probably frequented is dead (deskmod, pgp, gfxoasis, MT, hardwaregeeks, etc.). The only one I can think of is probably still around is neowin.net
  2. amazing stuff. Has been awhile since something this good has been released here. Great work Jet
  3. wow the thread title is totally misleading... I'd say not good enough. The 15-17 are pretty portable if you ask me. Plus they have a bigger res.
  4. @ Tim that is by the one and only Rick Patrick.
  5. Do you think he would release them? They are sweet
  6. were these by globox or what? Can you tell the creator?
  7. Great ss. I hope you plan on releasing those dock icons. Great work
  8. I personally feel that stacks is really stupid. It is just meant for a folder with a small number of files, apps folder at best. The best way though to use stacks is with smart folders imho.
  9. does the menubar have some gradient or is it like semi transparent toward the right end of the bar?
  10. hell ya it is sour grapes. Those ppl should post the invite codes then...
  11. damn man, i was the first to ask for oink...then all you asshats come out of the wood-work...daymn
  12. anyone got one for oink? I'm been searching for a 1yr...
  13. is there a good SQL app for mac?
  14. I think theme releases went down when Susumu switched over...Does KoL even make themes anymore? I just checked his last theme release was over 1 year ago...I really do miss the olden days.
  15. ^^ Great shot! Can you tell me where I can get those status icons in Miranda (?) or is it regnessem?
  16. shouldn't this be locked and deleted
  17. I'm all for this and everything (...), but someone please tell me what is so damn great about BAPE anything? I don't get it. I wanna like it, but I just dont' see what the hell is so "pimp" about these?
  18. I love pixel art icons!! I really hope you continue, but I don't know if it is possible you should make 128 px if you have the time Great work!
  19. I know what he said. You posted before him. I wanna know how you knew
  20. @Jannie B who's ss is that? Liquival how do you know it is by louiee????? Oh the insanity
  21. isn't that vinyl by crni?
  22. what the hell happened to the iceman anyways?
  23. 2000 Windows ME baby Litestep, SharpE, etc. Loved every minute of it. Did a whole desktop theme, wall, and cursor set on DMC. Too bad when the game came out it sucked. Hell I still have desktops saved from those dark ages. Memories...
  24. there was something maybe 2 years ago called candy xp that let you change icons. Google it maybe you can find it. It was released here.
  25. 12. is from iworld by glide 3. I thought this is from NOD by rimshot 17. by susumu, not released publicly 11. same as above 15. is from minium toolbar by RADe8
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