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  1. I need some "metallic/glass realistic" recycle bins like the ones posted for my desktop. Thanx for any help and to the authors of the posted bins.
  2. Excellent pngs. Thanx for sharing!
  3. thanx travelfox and JR007. yours are weird
  4. thanx gagabriel!! Ali, right click and "save as" you should see the png extension. Waiting for more realistic png please. thanx to all!!
  5. Hi there, Please help me with realistic metallic/glass pngs of your choice like the ones I posted below. Many thanks to their creators and to everyone helping.
  6. excellent job man. You're the One!!
  7. great job farhan. I love the yzdock background too.
  8. Excellent Software and excellent png icon. Great job dude
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