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  1. Here´s an addressbook, with skin from MrAqua. Cannot find it online, so I upload it here. Address Book.zip
  2. He did say somewhere that he had real life stuff to do untill the end of the year or so, but will come back.
  3. Unpack the vbs file to somewhere (maybe in the dock folder) and pull "dashboard.vbs" in the dock. It presses F8 on mouseclick. Dashboard.zip
  4. Can someone reupload this one please? Thanks, Björn
  5. Press "Managage Widgets" click on the icon and choose one from the window. @Mark: You have some widgets like Flght tracker and iCal on the list. Is this windows and do you still have the widgets? Maybe you can send them to me or else. Thanks, Björn
  6. Hi, I made a zip with some widgets some time ago. Find it here, scroll a bit down. http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?s...c=35055&hl=
  7. For the icon problem. Update for Windows XP KB967715 updates your shell32.dll. If you won´t let Windows load this update only (at your own risk!), you can turn on Autoupdate again.
  8. I have compared the temps and forecast of the standard 2.3 and the new .4. At least for here, Lüdenscheid, Germany, it is the same all the time.
  9. Do you have a link to Mac Gadget 2.0. I cannot find it.
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