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  1. dont buy a fake, thats low. if you cant afford the real then dont waste money on one that isnt even up to the standards of legit ones.
  2. i think its my version of itunes, does anyone have one thats compatiable. im using :
  3. im having a problem with this, i cant seem toget this thing to work.
  4. thanks btw i have one more question is there any chance that i can have all these windows/items open at the same time without them being on the taskbar? SS here http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/4893/helpontaskbarsw8.png I read about some type of program that can also do this so please dont get all pissed that i didnt search, even though i did, i'd like to know more about the program etc. EDIT, would RBTray do the trick?
  5. is it possible to make a bat file or 2 files where one will get rid of it and the other one will restore it ?
  6. very nice desktops people, this bored is extremly active? since when..
  7. righty is back fools !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. LIES, i shall beat that. 3.685 3.485 3.305 3.265 3.165
  9. he will release it, jesus you guys have no patience. give him some time he will release when there a no bugs left to be found in it.
  10. lovely man, looking for a good christmas wall
  11. nice theme duyvan, glad to see you released, change the startmen yet ?X hope to see some more improvments.
  12. holy **** nub, i didnt know you released, how much have you updated since we had it :X i havent even used it in forever.. lets see.
  13. i like it alot, i love the idea of a binary clock, its funny how hard was it to create?
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