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  1. Hey, I dont know if this is a virus of what, but lately my computer will just randomly freeze. The mouse cursor will stop dead in its tracks, music will stop playing, any HD clatter will stop. If it hit the side of my computer, it comes back! So today, i turned my computer on, entered my PW and it said loading forever......i hot the side of the computer, and it just restarted. Happened two more times after that. I dont know thats happening, and I hope its not my HD going bad. What could this be?
  2. Hey, I have this website i've been working on, and rather than slice it from photoshop into HTML, i'd like to know how to take it and create CSS. Thing is, I might need some live help on this(it is due to go online very soon), so if anyone is REALLY good at converting a aliced page into CSS, please let me know! I am attachign the PSD below, thanks! Pops
  3. This icon would make a great animated busy icon
  4. I wonder if anyone has noticed an underabundance of me posting here.....(leaves, bumps into wall)
  5. external usb keyboard does the trick, but does that mean that the keyboard on the PB itself is shot, or the driver for it on the board is?
  6. well, if its the keyboard thats shot i will. but what if its the logic board not getting a connection to the keyboard. i guess i wont know unless someone really gives me a firm answer to that question
  7. aha! the keyboard has no power! numlock and caps lock both wont light up....now i gotta get a new keyboard...ugh
  8. update, tried every key command. Its like my keyboard is dead. no key command has worked. keeps bringing me to question mark folder
  9. Ohh i see. I checked the orange-colored cable, seems to be intact.
  10. Well, update. I fixed it all! w00t. The beast is now assembled and powers on, BUT, i cant boot from the CD, or Use the option key, or Apple-S, or any command. Just the stupid Question mark folder!! What should i do? New HD?
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