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  1. Proto_Dust Firefox 3.0* http://hammergom.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Dust-112225530 Sorry no preview, but I bet you'll like it. Go on click the link already. L8tr, HaMMeR=GoM=
  2. Dust Fedora http://hammergom.deviantart.com/art/Dust-Fedora-103943399
  3. I'm too lazy for a preview...lol http://hammergom.deviantart.com/art/The-Black-Pearl-99546639
  4. Wow! Let me be the first to say...these are hot.
  5. Acua for Firefox 2.0 This is an update to my Acua theme for Firefox 1.5 Original OS X Shapshifter theme by Susumu. Cheers, HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN
  6. Pearly White Safari for Firefox 2.0 This is an original Firefox theme by me. Inspired by my pal Beany's Pearl Drops Click on the image. Just giving back to Aqua-Soft. HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN
  7. I plan on updating it to FF3, but not until FF3 is final. I'll probably release this and a couple of others real soon. I've been trying to figure out text-shadow on tabs and bookmarks toolbar with no luck, but when I update them to FF3 the shadows should'nt be a problem. Cheers
  8. A preview of an update to my Acua Firefox theme from Firefox 1.5 to Firefox 2.0. Click on the pic to go to Deviantart and tell me what you think. L8tr, HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN
  9. Thanks much...I'll be releasing a Milk and Eternal theme for Firefox 2.0 very soon.
  10. SafireMilk is no longer available for download on Deviantart. If anyone still has it, I would like to have it for the resources. I'm currently working on a Milk style firefox theme and need the rounded milk toolbar buttons. Just the Png of the rounded milk toolbar would work also. Thanks in advance
  11. Real Pros can do it in Linux...lol Resident Linux guru, HaMMeR=GoM=iPwn
  12. I love Aqua-Soft ;-) HaMMeR=GoM=iPwN
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