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  1. Stardock has released WindowBlinds 4.6. WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to "skin" their entire Windows GUI to give it a totally different look & feel. When installed, users apply "visual styles" that change title bars, push buttons, radio buttons, the Start bar, etc. WindowBlinds also includes a number of usability enhancements such as supporting roll-up buttons, always-on top buttons, links, and other additions to the Windows title bar (or borders). System Performance can also be enhanced using WindowBlinds. The program supports a host of performance enhancing features
  2. Stardock has released IconPackager 3. IconPackager is a program that enables users to change nearly all of their Windows icons in one swoop by applying "packages" of icons. While Windows has long had the ability to change selected icons via "themes", until IconPackager came along, there was no way to change the hundreds of icons that exist throughout Microsoft Windows. For example, IconPackager can change the icons that represent different file types (.JPG, .DOC, .PSD), icons for individual programs, control panelicons, Start menu icons, and much more. There are hundreds of icon packages ava
  3. Stardock has released a new program called RightClick. RightClick enables users to extend or even completely redesign the Windows desktop right-click mouse menu. When a user right-clicks on their Windows desktop, RightClick's custom made menus comes up. Users can add short-cuts, tasks, system commands, and much more to the menu. It's also fully skinnable and can be set to automatically inherit the user's current WindowBlinds visual style. For users who normally have their desktop covered up, a hot key can be set up so that will activate it at any time. RightClick supports displaying runni
  4. SkinStudio 4.5 has been released. SkinStudio is a free program that makes it easy for users to create their own look and feel for Microsoft Windows. With it, users create visual styles that can then be applied with Stardock's WindowBlinds GUI customization program (www.windowblinds.net). When installed, it also enables users of WindowBlinds to seamlessly make use of visual styles that are in .MSStyles format. Version 4.5 adds support for creating per-pixel alpha blended Windows XP Start menus, random window frames, Unicode support, and vastly improved MSStyles importing options. Stardock al
  5. New version supports configurable widgets. Software developer Stardock has released a significant update to DesktopX today. The world's most popular widget enabling program has found competition growing from programs such as Konfabulator, Avedesk and others. While those programs do not support DesktopX's ability to build complete desktops and distribute them, they do support a robust "widget" architecture. Widgets in the desktop customization market are mini-programs that are designed to reside on your desktop. Where the desktop was once the exclusive home to icons, widgets (and DesktopX obj
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