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  1. iMac G5 benchmarks show 35% speed boost over G4 the dual screams in comparison for some applications(of course, for others it makes little dif.).
  2. I'm using the last method you've mentioned True, and it works for me in .9.3, but its not really worth it. Probably because its a hack, it(the locked down activex component) causes firefox to become unstable: you can't change the volume on the embedded player as that will instantly crash firefox. It seems to make firefox unstable even when there isn't an embedded movie on the page your visiting, which i don't quite understand(i didn't make ANY other changes, and after doing this I started getting lots of problems where before i had none). I'd say that with the activex component 'installed
  3. i can move it sometimes and not others. anyways, this is pretty beautiful Fonebone. very nicely done. only suggestions: 1. lower memory use when minimized to tray. (only important if using it to automatically change wallpapers) 2. transitions when wallpaper switches. (not important) 3. clean up shadows on the window. They're seperated by a gap right now. 4. have it remember what the toolbar state was when closed. When you open it now, the toolbar is shown even if it was hidden when you closed the window. 5. make it skinnable 6. have fun Just suggestions... its really a
  4. the 'seasons' picture on the front of the card is from silveryn: here looks like a good mod...
  5. hey, ok sounds good: 1. Great! I see quite a few people using vertical samurize minicontrols, and i'm sure quite a few would like to see an ave. option. I know with some wallpapers, it will help me to have an option for a vertical layout. :rock: 2. Forget about 2 - i did 4 mockups and the idea i had looks silly. (Don't worry, it was hard for me to understand. I wrote it, and my native tongue is english too ) 3. Ahhh, I was wondering why i hadn't seen vertical progress bars. c'est impossible, c'est la vie! If you can't do it, don't worry about it! have fun on your
  6. you gotta give it to the guy though... it looks like he's done a pretty indepth erm, from the layout i'll call it a blogicle (i know it ain't but it sounds funny). He admits right from the start that he prefers mac but tries to be (mostly) objective. looking(procrastinating) through it now...
  7. i don't know if your interested in doing it, but i'd like to maybe see: 1. the smallest mode would just be a vertical strip instead of a horizontal one, and the other two largest states (the ones with album art) would be exactly the same as they are now. 2. the only other thing i could think of is perhaps in the mode where the album art is showing(but not the next mode, where the album art is at its fullest size), you could have some sort of darker or lighter coloured box that connected with the album art and lay behind the text that is to the right of the album art. basically just have tha
  8. goes to show you; try saving the day, save the day (and somebody 'buying' an ibook) = get drowned in crackaddicts. :6 no respect, man, no respect avril should post a 47.5 point font thank you
  9. that's good to hear... i'm saving for a 20" revb but thought it would look a little more awkward than the 17" . I gotta get to a store....
  10. yubba, yubba, yubba! thanks loads unbeliever, i was pretty much starting in on a minicontrol mod; you did a sweet job... looks great with a small mouseover 'glow' effect too. only thing i'll change for myself is the mouseover mode will become a static mode. thanks again... gave you a +fav over at dev.
  11. great site wizard, looks like you put a good effort in. for some reason i thought you were latin-american? good to see aqua going russian too i'll visit to see if i recognize any words (i'm half Polish and stop speaking it at 6years old )
  12. LOoK what You dID! yu took to long!!! i dropped iT and now thers 2 [email protected]!1 :cry: but your lucky! each piece has its own processor i guess i dropped my powermac because i was using the iMac carrying instructions - but i blame everyone here to <_<
  13. HELP!!!! i picked up moved it, but page doesnt tll me what tooo do when i get to wehrer i want io go!!! CAN I PUT IT DOWN?!!!? QUik PLESE!!!! writeng wth one hnd on lap toher arm [email protected]!!!! HRRY UP!!!!!.....
  14. I didn't see neowin but was reading the wired article on it here .. don't know if that was posted at neowin. Here are some interesting snippets: mmm... osx on a platform that has real games, cheap hardware, etc. Definitely sounds interesting, though its too early to tell what is company hype and what is truth. 'Universal Emulator' sounds cheesey though . If its true, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the OS world...
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