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  1. say what !!!! if you can reach them then PLEASE scan them !
  2. hmm so it seams nobody has them ...
  3. lol i want to do them 4 myself the fact is that i can't find any of them at a good size so.. does someone have some of them ?
  4. man i want so badly 2 find an fttp or http with all the times apple posters Don't understand me ? well then i want those pics on a larger scale because i want to make myself some posters look hear 4 reference : http://missingbite.com/postersTD.html Thx in advance
  5. Could i change itunes background into an red one for ex ? Cause i can`t thx
  6. god damit how did it disapear from my HDD ? Timan pls help us !
  7. A long time ago Timan made in Photoshop an iTunes version for xp(1, or 2 years ago) It was very cool Now i would like to make iTunes like that but i can`t find that damn picture in my HDD or in a-q board... Does some one have it ? Thx
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