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  1. Clean / Dirty GUIKIT: Uno + Cats + Aqua Extreme WALL: Patterno Aqua Mod Feel free to ask questions or comment.
  2. job for a cowboy is badass. glad to see someone here listening to the same stuff
  3. Clean or Dirty GUIKIT: Smooth Uno WALL: Into Space
  4. Clean | Dirty GUIKIT: UMASO Blue Small by Susumu WALL: Luminescent x Blitz by Pridef ICONS: Agua by D.Lanham & Ekisho by Jonas Rask
  5. wow its been years since ive played that game i cant believe its still so popular
  6. there is already tons of these sites online, why do we need another one? :/
  7. "The second icon of the second row" could be a lot of them as we all run different resolutions
  8. those "real leaked pictures" are quite old and have been proven photoshops multiple times. i think they originated on engadget...
  9. riot


    im in agreeance with the above poster. thank you so much.
  10. way to bump an old ass thread, for some reason i dont think hobbes still needs advice.
  11. i would go for the wii just because they are bringing back the classics. to duyvan earlier, you say your old and nintendo games are for kids but what about all the original games we grew up on? i probally have zero interest in the new releases but im all about some original nintendo action.
  12. i think dave's joke flew way over austins head.
  13. 1. So Much To Say - Dave Matthews Band 2. Trap Niggaz - Boyz N Da Hood 3. Hooker With a Penis - Tool 4. Aesthetic - Between The Buried and Me 5. The Crestfallen - Soilwork 6. Hell Yeah - Dead Prez 7. Cutsman - HORSE The Band 8. Cliff Burton Suprise - The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza 9. Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs 10. Vespers - From A Second Story Window id say thats a pretty random list... i think all my metal overpowers the rest of my collection as it gets chosen the most.
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