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  1. Yeah. News unrelated to Aqua-soft. How about some news stories on the Iraq war? That would be nice to have aswell.
  2. Why are you posting news about Windows-based systems? I thought this site was about OS X and Apple software/hardware. Don't encourage others to buy non-Apple hardware. Atleast Psystar ran OS X, this is just.. blah.
  3. Click preview for full size !!
  4. I would rather you didn't use vladstudio? I don't want to pay to register for that site just to get a high resolution or widescreen download. I need 1680x1050. =/ It's a beautiful wallpaper though!
  5. Does this $199 iPhone 3G mean the end of the iPod Touch? Or will those be getting price cuts?
  6. Seeing as you are only in the 7th grade, although it's tempting, spending $2000 on a computer might not be the greatest course of action. Even if you have the money to blow, I'd advise atleast trying out or going with a more affordable Mac before throwing 2 grand in the way of Apple -- since this would be your first Mac after all...
  7. Unbeliever is correct, the 256MB version is going to have minimal to no noticable effect on games. More RAM on the video cards these days doesn't do a whole lot like it used to. Sadly, Apple seems to be trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users by offering it as an upgrade. A sensible upgrade involves a different GPU not just tacking on some more RAM and charging an extra $75. I think the Mac Pro is the only one that allows you to really upgrade the graphics.
  8. Eh? The worst he could do is lose all the data on his hard drive (this is not easy to do even if you don't know what you're doing...). The install disks that come with your Mac are more then capable of formatting and reinstalling the OS. You may end up losing data in a few select rare cases, but paperweight? No. NOTE: You might not want to venture into using a 64bit OS just yet, although your CPU supports it, 64-bit versions of Windows aren't exactly up to par. Support on Linux has come a far away, but unless your very unix savy you may run into a few extra bumps in the road then nessicary.
  9. That is my setup prior to this, I have a firewire enclosure, and the hard drive is dying. However the enclosure only supports IDE (no SATA). So I would be spending more for older technology if I would take that route, when I could just bypass all this together if I just installed it in the iMac itself. If you can get it done, I'm sure it is preferred over having to deal with externals. I'm fairly tech smart, and have good experience in taking apart PCs and such, but never Mac. However, I'm sure I can take on this challenge and be successful after reading some of the guides on taking apart the Intel iMac.
  10. Hi, I have a iMac Core Duo (Early 2006) Intel. I'm looking to upgrade the hard drive. Yes, I know it can be troublesome and will void my warranty. What kind of hard drive would I need to purchase? I realize it's SATA, but I'm not so sure whether it uses a 2.5" (typical laptop hdd) or a standard 3.5". Also, here's the drive I was considering, if you notice any compatibility issues please tell me: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822148108
  11. This is really very nice, I usually don't comment on these types of things -- but I love the style. Any chance for a widescreen version? *imac owner*
  12. I just bought a 30GB white 5g ipod. I know the ipods are now supposed to have a search feature, and that the 30GB was one of the newer models... so why don't I have this? I even upgraded the firmware to v1.2 and I get everything BUT search. What makes me so agravated about this is that I just bought it, and the newer 5g ipods came out weeks ago, and I spent $250 just as if it was new!
  13. Im thinking of getting an 5th gen ipod, but it has been out for what 8 months now? How often do they come up with new ones, is the 6th gen due any time soon? Id rather wait out if its right around the corner.
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