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  1. Some JP icons would be cool now.
  2. Sempron 3100+ @2.4GHZ 1GB DDR400 2x 80gb SATA Samsung spinpoint 256MB PCI-E Gefore 7600gs
  3. "Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Me, happy birthday to me" *Sob* although I am expecting to get 'totally bizzle wizzle shizzle' owned for creating a BDay post for myself, seeing as Simon was to Lazy to start one for me this year.
  4. I'll just advise you against 3Com routers, ive had one for six months and its just a ***** to use, i used to have a netgear router which was excellent.
  5. Ok i need some help, my stepdad is the kind of person who like to have control over my internet connection, his latest trick is to enable only the ports on which http runs. Is there a program i can use to change the ports which hamachi , xfire and steam run over so i can avoid this? Any help would be greatly apprechiated.
  6. When i was like 8 years old he was the coolest thng on tv. We'll miss your loveable accent. Goodbye Steve. RIP
  7. I have an Asus K8N-VM motherboard and a Nvidia 7600gs and i have not had any problems at all.
  8. I've never had any problems in that department but i do hear that simon just imported 100 packets of Viagra so i spose you guys could enquire to him on which works better.
  9. I got it from Ebay, but if you look around websites like www.scan.co.uk and www.dabs.com you should be able to find one for less then £75
  10. I'd say that the motherboard and CPU that you have chosen is a good combination. I think that you should get a differant graphics card, as the 6500 is already a generation old. I beleive that you should look at a geforce 7300 (maybe 7300gt or 7600gs if you have the money). I just bought a 7600gs for £65 (833.608 ZAR) and i couldn't be more pleased with the performance.
  11. Good news, I managed to get myself a Nforce 4 motherboard, a sempron processor and a pci-e geforce 7600gs for a little over £115
  12. I managed to get Xgl going on a desktop pc , looks awesome. The ***** is that i can't get it to run on my laptop. Probably because the ATi driver sucks and can't seem to cope with compiz so just get borderless windows.
  13. I got some Samsung spinpoints a couple of weeks ago and had much the same problem then i just realised that they haden't been enabled in Drive manager. Start > right click My Computer> Manage > Disk Manager.
  14. For Home photography I don't think anybody needs more than 5/6 megapixels, as to be fair most people are only gonna be viewing them at no higher than 1600*1200. Obviously if your a photography enthusiast you might want more.
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