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  1. A new software to bring us font smoothing 'Ã la Mac' :-) Look here : http://code.google.com/p/mactype/ It work very well with 32 and 64 bits ! There's a wizard to create your personnal config ! The setup is in chinese but the rest is full english/french
  2. Hi, I've just made a quick translation in french . Thanks again KSoft for making RunMe. Hope you could find some time to continue this great software... Ernest33 Install To install create a new folder named "Languages" in the RunMe folder and put the "French.ini" inside Installation Créer un répertoire nommé "Languages" dans le répertoire de RunMe et mettre le fichier French.ini dans ce répertoire. French.zip
  3. Oh what a beautiful program !!!!! Thanks a lot ! ernest33 PS : Do you have a template to make a french translation please (i saw you've prepared something about Language :-) ). PS : Do you think it will be possible to have a popup menu for "Control Panel" (by example) ?
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