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  1. Anybody know how to make a dock shortcut for the Windows 8 Store? Every time I try, it just opens the green & white launch page in my default browser, but then nothing.... I can create a desktop shortcut, and it works fine... Are there any special arguments I need to add to the OD shortcut? Thanks
  2. First, I just want to say -- Great Docklet!!!! I've been using it every day for some time now. I have one (hopefully minor) request/bug fix. When showing 100 or more messages, the font changes. Please see the attached image... Thanks.
  3. Wow!!! I never expected you to do it that fast!!! Thanks, it works great!
  4. Hey Smaky... This is one of those things I didn't realize I needed until I got it. lol It is really a great docklet to have. Thank you so much for developing it. I just have one minor problem/request... It has to do with the notification sound. Can you change it so it only sounds when there is an increase in the number of unread emails? Most of the time I will have a few messages sitting unread in my inbox (shopping deals, ebay, etc.), and the sound plays every time it checks for new mail, even when the number of messages is the same. So now I go without a notification sound, which isn't
  5. Isn't this supposed to be a modded .dll file? When you follow the link to deviantart, all that can be downloaded is a .png file (screenshot). thanks, looks good though Also, have you found the toolbar buttons? I really like the aqua-style buttons better and want to replace them, but I cant find the resource for them.
  6. I dont want the previous version, it has too many bugs. DZGH_Operator: Yeah, I saw that too. I'm hoping that maybe someone can tell me how change those. Anybody know of another program like Reshacker that might work better for this?
  7. With the release of the latest version of Safari for Windows, Apple decided to remove the Aqua toolbar buttons. I have a mac at work and was able to get the image resource files for the aqua toolbar buttons. (which are just .tif files on the mac) I brought them home but can't figure out which resource to hack. I tried using ResHacker to find the toolbar image files, but no luck. I really want the aqua buttons back.... Anybody have any suggestions?
  8. Go here: Safari 3 Beta Plugins This is Apple's site, and there are plugins for Adobe Reader, Flash & others. It's wierd though... I had Adobe Reader installed before Safari. Safari must have found or installed the plugin, because I never manually installed it... but I've been able to view PDFs from the start.
  9. I've been running Safari on Vista with only a couple really annoying issues. (at least for me) Has anyone else seen these? And maybe know a solution? 1. Can't edit "names & passwords" and "other forms" in AutoFill Preferences 2. Browser window sometimes reverts to default size when Safari is opened. I have reported these to Apple, but who know how long before they are fixed. Thanks [[Edit]] Can anybody else manage passwords with Safari????????
  10. I've never had any in almost 2 years with OSX. I'm graphic artist and have multiple progs open all the time, and this is on a G4 made in 2001. Maybe its just luck... Not that I havn't had issues with progs freezing, or glitches that have forced me to reboot. On a lighter note, I just loaded this screensaver on our NT machine and really freaked out the girl that works with me....Very Funny, LOL.
  11. This prog is awsome!!! Thanks! I also would love to see auto-drive detection in a future build.
  12. Wow, I wonder what kind of loan I'd need to get to buy just one?!?
  13. I guess I'm mostly a "lurker" too. I remember some of the hosting probs in '02. But, I didn't officially join until July 03.
  14. Something I was missing were the "text zoom buttons" So, I modded Stephen Clavering's "Zoomy" extension. See my release post to download.
  15. I wanted the text zoom buttons at home, like I have on my Mac at work. So, I modded Stephen Clavering's "Zoomy" extension to go with Toyo-snow's excelent skin. See the attatched screenshots... Download Here! Hope you like it!
  16. I got OD Plus when 1.1 came out, upgraded today to 1.11, still have issue. When I try to drag something to the trash, it lets me do it...... But, it puts an invisible dock item on the dock next to the trash (see image). Anybody know how too fix this?
  17. Thanks Vague! Now the favicons work in both the addressbar and tabs. I'd still rather they weren't in the tabs, but at least they are working the way they're supposed to. And, I like that better than having them disappear. .
  18. --Unbeliever: Thats OK You may be right though.... It could be an issue with something in hills theme not getting along with FF1.0 I was hoping that maybe someone who is more experienced with modding FF, could tell me where I might look in the .css files or somwhere else. I have some minor programming knowledge, I just don't know where to look.
  19. --Vague: Thanks, I'll try putting the code in browser.css --Unbeliever: I know hills said he removed the favicons from the tabs, but my problem is not with the tabs.... I'm refering to the favicon that is in the addressbar(locationbar).
  20. I recently removed my Firefox 8.0 (with pixel perfect Safari mod) to install Firefox 1.0. I am using hills Safarifox mod, and worked out a few issues I had. The thing that I can't figure out is why the favicons in the address bar disappear. They show up when a page first loads (but not always) then if I switch tabs or click a link, they vanish. I thought it might be the way they are removed from the tabs, so I tried hills tip HERE . That didn't even work to restore them to the tabs... I tried an item I found in the "about:config" settings......didn't work either. Any suggestions???? :s
  21. Yea, me too. I only having some minor programming experience, but I'm looking into how it might be done. It might beyond my abilities, though... I'm open to any suggestions
  22. Ok, I'm dumb..... I found that the extra space that was supposed to be in the middle, between the menus and the sys tray, was moved to the end. I hope when ObjectBar 2.0 is eventually released they have improved the settings interface. Well it's working now, and looks awsome. Thanks
  23. This looks great, but I have a problem.... I cant figure out how to get it to stretch across my screen! My resolution is 1280x960 and it is only about 2/3 the width. I'm running Objectbar 1.99 (maybe the problem???) I also tried to look at it with SkinStudio 4.5.1, but not sure what to look for. Please help
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