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  1. which app do i need to get the fly out menus coming out from the right in this screen shot ---- http://iceblue-fish.deviantart.com/art/Leosnow-81611215 plus which app is the one at the bottom which says "Golfi icons themes walls songs WIP" ? n how does that work? does it bring up another fly out menu or is it just a button n a folder opens etc??
  2. Hi, How do i get a Fly-out-menu leopard style for dock on XP? like this -- http://hector93.deviantart.com/art/Leopard...pdated-73272687 thanx
  3. for some reason i cant get the winexpose.exe extracted.. just doesnt extract at all.. if i drag n drop it out. i get an error
  4. Hiii there, Do you guys find Object Dock not so smooth even at smoothest settings compared to Rocket dock and RK launcher? Thanx
  5. Its never happened that Ive shut my browser n then come back to post on the work after checking the set out. I usually post if the set is good after seeing the preview. The preview just shows 2 icons which look ok, but after seeing the set, I must say they are awesome! Do work on more of this style. It wud be great P.S. Do make a bigger preview next time lol
  6. iCandy Junior Shell Pack u should try the search, it works. it has a few bugs, n you'll need to use batchmod coz the files are old. really need to update this thing
  7. Very well done. Good job with the tweaking of the files, installer and site
  8. lol nice story, but i really dont know how ur gonna go abt making a game out of this. wish u the best n hope ur able to build the game. It sure wud be fun to play lol cheers
  9. I must say its been a very interesting and knowledgeable thread so far. Its been a long time ive read all the posts in a thread even when its just 2 pages long. was wondering if MS could send sue me for my shell packs? lol
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