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  1. been three days for the last two hours and sp3 isnt available yet lol edit: meh just downloaded it and there arent really any visible improvements...
  2. any way of getting sp3 a few days early? seems stupid that they dont release it when its finished...
  3. Siwu isnt coming back....y not just get rid of it
  4. i like Gideon007's idea the most, its more practical. Havent tried it though...maybe flyakite will release an update soon?
  5. when is flyakites uxtheme patcher going to be updated?...im not getting sp3 until it gets released :/
  6. could you please reupload these? i just want the dock icons .icns 256x256 or whatever tiger can handle or something
  7. i hope they change the default skin options a bi, thatd be nice...maybe have a modified zune msstyle as the default rather than that ugly blue thing not that it matters since i still use my custom msstyles
  8. They don't look so much golden as they do look pee'd on though their clean mods though still
  9. oops i meant both oh well you all know what i really wanted to pick so it doesn't matter, in fact this thread doesn't matter, its a bit pointless since both will be options anyway. That's like saying pick either Pizza or Pasta to eat. But your having both anyway though remember :slant:
  10. i have a feeling the iPod Touch will die like the iPod Photo, it's one of those intermediate iPods. The ones before they get to the big guns which im guessing they haven't sorted out totally yet
  11. um iPodWizard wasn't meant for putting apps on iPods anyway. It was used to skin the firmware resources of iPods to change the look of the iPod UI. iPodWizard isn't dying either since there are still going to be people modding their iPod Classics and Nanos so development will proceed i guess
  12. Bapestar the likelihood of that is pretty small, in fact since its a different 'operating system' its certain that iPodWizard will not work....
  13. I want one, but just to mod it. SEE FOLLOWING LINK >> http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=45329 (and um look at some of my comments ) I'll comment just for that. To be the first to mod an iPod Touch to a better storage size Though as i mentioned in the thread i don't have the money to waste on such a mod
  14. Um this seems a little fishy to me. Why would anyone do such a thing ofver just one comment? (except for Engadget )
  15. Wooo! Go 4th gens! lol. On a completely unrelated note ill be posting the pics for my iPod 4th gen custom project that i undertook ages ago and finished ages ago. I still believe the simplicity of the design of the 4th gens owns the 5th gens weird proportions and flat edges. In regards to the iPod classic and the new nano. I think you have to see and hold the iPods to fully appreciate them. Because of the aluminium (pronounced al-u-min-ee-um for those yanks reading this ) metal the iPods look weird in pictures due to static and unnatural lighting in ads and such media. I also personally
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