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  1. Great job! Thanks!! I really enjoy your releases! (Y)
  2. whitelion

    Weather V0.5

    Great work Albeik!! Much appreciated!!
  3. another png, convert to ico the ico file is 167KB - too large to attach PM me your email if you need me to send it by email
  4. Really cool!! Any chance you could make the bird with a mail envelope instead of the globe?
  5. Wow! That is amazing work! :cheering: Thanks!!
  6. Max Power - yeah this was my original shell32.dll but it has been remodded probably 4 or 5 times. All I've changed are icons and avis. hush66 - I hadn't tried running the windows calculator before, but yes you are correct, running the calculator gives the same error, so it looks like we have similar problems! I do remember adding a couple new AVI's this last time. I'll try removing them and see if this solves anything. Thanks
  7. Fototime had a program called FotoAlbum that wasn't too bad... it used to be free.
  8. It's 9.97MB in size. I started out with GuiReplacer then I customized it myself - I went through all the icons in Sushi Icon, and removed the 128, 96, and 72 sizes since I don't need larger than 64x64, so it wouldn't be so bloated. How will I ever know which Icon replacement is giving the error?!
  9. anyone ever run into this error? I have a custom shell32.dll, and when I tried to install the app Image-in this error pops up. The Image-in exe file worked okay when I restored the original shell32.dll file, so it has to be something in my customized one. If anyone has any ideas on this I'd appreciate any help! Thanks
  10. Hey all, I made this for my website and thought some people here might like to have this one. 800x600 1024x768 1280x960 1280x1024
  11. Is there any free calendar program out there that can be used that is similar to iCal? I'd like to have some kind of calendar/appointment program to at least use until someone makes an iCal clone. What are others using?
  12. Thanks to oc-athlonxp.com, Ghostwalker and napes22 for the nice start menu pngs! Those are great! (Better than what I was asking for!)
  13. Great app! (Y) Thanks for all the hard work on this!! Do the pictures next to the name look a little distorted, or is it something maybe wrong on my end? I made 130x130 bmps of some contacts, but they still looked distorted when imported.
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