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  1. Anyone know of a toast like program for windows? The windows version of Easy CD Creator is fugly as hell. Plus the toast name is way better than easy cd creator 6 platinum. IMHO they should make a version of toast for windows and just drop Easy CD Creator. I
  2. I'm not sure what your getting at duckie.. I have two houses, both with [email protected] high speed cable. The first house has its IP changed every 6 hours, the second has a nearly static IP that expires every 2 months or so. I have servers running on both, the house with the changing IP has its dynDNS address updated the second it changes thanks to a handy app called DeeEnEs, located here This utility runs in the tray and literally updates the IP the second the old on expires. Its worked well for me, I use the static server as a webserver and FTP while I use the dynamic server as a POP3 serv
  3. Sorry, forgot the mention.. the RedSwoosh client used a sort of selective P2P.
  4. Hmmm, duckie.. if your IP is rotating.. try using something like dyndns.org. You can download a little tray app that will do all these updates automatically. The p2p idea is still valid. The trick however, would be finding a P2P app that would let only the community in, and keep the riffraff out. SoftWax looks good, as it allows a top down control so only certain files (such as approved themes, wallpapers, etc) can be shared and downloaded. What we don't need is a kazaa like client, because that would make files impossible to find without a strong search. I know that deviantART used RedSwo
  5. Perhaps a distributed computing scheme is needed here. Something like Kazaa.. but more localized. Does anyone know of some kind of network that could provide this? What we really need is to share our bandwidth.. I'm willing to give up some bandwidth here if it means the community could benefit. Maybe a lot of mirrors? to smallers servers? I have a dedicated webserver just sitting here.. problem is, the bandwidth is just a lousy cable modem. Why don't you just have a main site with a ton of mirrors.. like Tucows. Just get a lot of people like myself to host files.
  6. I agree on the broadband point, but I believe its a difference of culture than a problem with technology. After visiting the states a few times from Canada here to get my dual citizenship I've noticed big differences in the way people do things. In Canada, services are often provided by one large organization or company. Take Ontario for example. You need a perscription? Shoppers Drug Mart Need Cable? Rogers Renting a movie? Blockbuster or Rogers Video Coffee? Tim Hortons Movie Theater? Famous Players Electronics? Future Shop Books? Chapters Telephone? Bell Some of these companies I've li
  7. Amen to that, often reviewers will tear apart a product for really no good reason. I may pick up one of these cases next week (the Atech one) If I do, I'll post my own impartial review, complete with pictures.
  8. yes, that would be the rotten apple, made by HardOCP Rotten Apple
  9. Anyone else got some maccish stuff? that case looks sweet grusnic..
  10. If you've always wanted that lovely quicksilver (or other) case, but havent been able to find a practical way to fit your PC into it check this out. Jeantech Butterfly ATX Its not as elegant as the Mac cases but its got the butterfly fold out case feature. Hell I might get one of these just for the convenience. I love working with macs at work because putting anything in or taking anything out of them is bliss
  11. looks lovely.. going to load it when I get home from work.
  12. Viewing the december desktop thread, I've noticed people either using gigantic sizes for their docks (128px or more) or people using tiny dock sizes (32px or less) I personally cant see how the first group of people work with such a gigantic dock. Doesnt it take up too much real estate? Or is the dock only that size to impress others when they view your screenshot? I personally have my dock at a conservative 38px with a 80px magnification. I'm always in 1280x1024 (my LCD's native res) and this seems to be the best use of real estate. I also am always using autohide. So what sizes do you
  13. its a good point, you probably should ask the owner before making it. Of course a better point would be, did we ask Apple for permission to create Aqua skins/themes/etc? My opinion on this is that if hes not letting anyone port the skin, then port it yourself and send it only to people who ask for it for personal use.
  14. I posted this a while ago but in the wrong forum. This is for the popular half life mod.
  15. I'm just waiting for some decent WMP9 skins.. WMP9 actually made me switch from winamp3 because of its song sorting and directory watching capabilities but I find 90% of the skins for WMP are bulky and annoying.. the rest dont have support for WMP9 features.
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