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  1. just double click on multi plugin again as if installing it only this time it will uninstall itself otherwise try system restore
  2. What version of itunes are you using because multi plugin only works with itunes up to version 7 i think
  3. Could anyone tell me about an app andreas made for making vista themes and if its any good and if so could you provide a download link. Thanks for any help provided.
  4. If you google for that dll file download it then drop the file into your avedesk folder you should be ok worked fine for me as i was having the same problem.
  5. Just wondering if anybody new of a goback equivalent for vista system restore never works for me. Thanks
  6. Hi as the title says i am new to vista and tried installing avedesk 1.4 .exe but my computer says can`t find the specified path i was trying to install it in programme files but i can`t seem to install it anywhere any ideas as what i might be doing wrong any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the quick response and the link
  8. Could anyone tell me which version of avedesk will work on vista if any and sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your help i thought it was something to do with microsoft
  10. HI I just have small problem when my computer boots up just after the boot screen and just before it says welcome to windows a screen comes up saying lsdelete can`t be found stays on screen for a few seconds then continues with the boot process any body know what lsdelete is and how i can get rid of that warning. running xp service pack 2 thanks for any help provided
  11. Thanks for the reply I`ve got it working now I was using the original png instead of a copy of it it works fine now great app by the way
  12. I downloaded ireflector to try it out but it doesn`t work for me, it talks about installing the image magik.dll but i can`t find it to install it anybody know this app that can help me out. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the help DZGH_Operator will give it a go
  14. I tried converticon .com but it doesn`t except icns files only icon or png
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