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  1. Grondinm: You first need to press and hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT, then, still holding CTRL+ALT+SHIFT, click and hold the left mouse button to rotate the cube.
  2. Guitar: Yes, you can click on the desktop and spin the cube.
  3. Sranshaft: We'll look into the window positioning problem and see if we can come up with a solution. Please note it's not a DeskSpace bug - it's a 3rd party application forcing the DeskSpace window to move position. We'll look at the taskbar bug and see if we can reproduce it. We're aiming to eventually provide full Compiz-like functionality, but it will take time to get there. In the mean time, TopDesk and DeskSpace will get you the closest you can come to Compiz/Beryl on Windows
  4. No, it's no longer legal to distribute Yod'm 3D. Charging for DeskSpace means we can pay for continued development. You can download the DeskSpace trial to see the improvements we've already made, and we'll be making many more improvements in the future.
  5. Otaku Software is proud to announce the release of DeskSpace 1.5.1, a Beryl/Compiz-like 3D virtual desktop for Windows. You can click here to download the DeskSpace 1.5.1 trial, and click here to buy DeskSpace at the Otaku Software Online Store. DeskSpace dramatically enhances your desktop experience, allowing you to: Work and play on multiple desktops. Display multiple desktops in stunning 3D. Quickly switch between desktops using the mouse and keyboard. Drag windows between desktops by moving them to the sides of the screen. Display desktops in 3D on multiple monito
  6. Hi, Otaku Software is beginning the process of localizing TopDesk, starting with Polish. If you know both English and Polish and are willing to translate TopDesk into Polish in return for a free copy, please contact us. We're also on the look out for French, German, and Italian translators. If you're interested in translating TopDesk into one of these languages in return for a free copy, please contact us.
  7. Normal WindowBlinds borders will display, but transparent WindowBlinds borders have resisted all our attempts to snapshot them, so we probably won't be able to support them without some assistance from StartDock.
  8. It will initially display Open Office windows, but they'll show up black if you've set TopDesk to update windows while tiling. The next version will have better Open Office compatibility and work with even more open source and Java applications. We're currently asking users to help us out with this by letting us know of any applications that don't work.
  9. TopDesk 1.5.3, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. [Download TopDesk 1.5.3] The major features in version 1.5.3 are: Win+Tab Hot Key Support - The Windows+Tab hot key combination is now supported by TopDesk. Improved Window Image Snapshots - TopDesk is now more compatible with Java applications and Linux ports. Hide TopDesk System Tray Icon - The TopDesk system tray icon can now be hidden. Enable/Disable TopDesk From System Tray Menu - TopDesk can now be enabled/disabled from the TopDesk system tray menu
  10. TopDesk 1.5.2, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. (Download TopDesk 1.5.2) The major features in version 1.5.2 are: Quick Launch Shortcuts - Users can now tile and hide windows using quick launch toolbar shortcuts. Portability - TopDesk can now run portably (e.g. on a USB memory stick). Mouse Selection In Flip Layout - Windows can now be selected using the mouse when using the Flip layout. Improved Video Performance - TopDesk now preloads window images before tiling, reducing stutter caused by the vid
  11. TopDesk 1.5.1, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. The major features in version 1.5.1 are: Mouse Selection In Flip Layout - Windows can now be selected using the mouse when using the Flip layout. Improved Video Performance - TopDesk now preloads window images before tiling, reducing stutter caused by the video driver loading images into memory. Improved Video Compatibility - Glitches that occur while tiling windows that use 3D acceleration and/or overlays, such as Windows Media Player, have been reduced. Improved Game Compatibility
  12. TopDesk 1.5, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. The major features in version 1.5 are: Improved Game Compatibility - TopDesk now automatically disables itself when other full screen 3D accelerated applications are open. Traditional Alt-Tab Switching In Flip Layout - TopDesk now supports traditional Alt-Tab switching between the two frontmost windows while using Flip layout. Improved Video Card Compatibility - TopDesk is now runs on more lower-end video cards. Improved Application Compatibility - TopDesk now works with more applicat
  13. They don't have any publicly accessible/documented API's that we're aware of.
  14. We rely on the built-in Windows XP window image capture functionality, and that doesn't work with WindowBlinds, so WindowsBlinds 5 support is not something we can add.
  15. Update: We've now filled all the places in the beta. I'd like to thank everyone for all the interest in the TopDesk 1.5 beta test, and apologize to those users who missed out.
  16. TopDesk is an application that brings Vista Flip3D and Mac OS X Expose functionality to Windows XP. We're currently looking for beta testers for TopDesk 1.5, so if you'd like to take part please contact Otaku Software Support. We're especially interested getting the beta into the hands of users who have used a previous version of TopDesk and have experienced one of the following issues: Incompatibility with games and other full screen 3D accelerated applications. Non-traditional Alt-Tab behavior while using Flip layout. Error messages when running TopDesk at startup. TopDesk failing to run
  17. lokster: Can you explain what you mean? The trial last for 30 days, after which it won't run anymore... Viper: AFAIK WindowBlinds doesn't detect fullscreen DirectX applications, nor does it need to. It will run fine alongside a fullscreen DirectX application though, if that's what you mean. TopDesk is in a different situation however, since it uses DirectX itself.
  18. Slewed: The artifacts you're seeing are what happen when you fade a texture in DirectX: it's not a case of TopDesk not rendering it properly, it's just the low color resolution of todays video cards. Viper: There's no way to automatically detect that a fullscreen DirectX application is running, but we're working on a way for users to manually specify when TopDesk should disable itself. FuSSel: What do you mean by "my windows freeze"? When you're using the Vista view, you can't interact with windows - is this what you're trying to do? Chazoul: Most mouse utilities let you bind a mouse button
  19. Benji: Nice theory, but unfortunately it's incorrect. TopDesk uses the built-in Windows hotkey API, it doesn't constantly "ping" the keyboard. Here's what actually happens: When you run a fullscreen DirectX game, Windows blows away TopDesks DirectX instance. TopDesk then tries to get it back, but can't, since the fullscreen DirectX game now has control of DirectX. The act of trying to get access to DirectX slows down the computer slighty, hence the keyboard slowdown. Left-clicking on the TopDesk icon will solve the problem: it'll disable TopDesk so it doesn't try and gain access to DirectX.
  20. Zaft: Yes, this is a know issue, but it's to do with an incompatibility between WindowBlinds and the Windows XP PrintWindow functionality that TopDesk uses to capture screen images. Using PrintWindow with a WindowBlinds titlebar transparency window results in a window image that doesn't have any titlebars. Since TopDesk relies on PrintWindow to capture window images (it's the only way to correctly capture a window image under Windows XP), there's not much we can do to fix the problem. The fault doesn't lie with WindowBlinds either, it's just a failing of the crusty old Windows XP graphics sub
  21. Guys, our site's being hammered at the moment, so if your connection is timing out please wait a few minutes and give it another try. firecracker6: Some screenshot links: And some video links:
  22. albeik: Sorry, I think you've misunderstood. TopDesk 1.4.2 was just released. There was no posting about TopDesk 1.4.1 (which added Flip3D mode), so we thought we'd mention that TopDesk now supports a Flip3D mode so everyone was aware. [edit] Thanks firecracker6, you beat me to it . [/edit]
  23. TopDesk 1.4.2, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé functionality, is now available. The major features in version 1.4.2 are: 3D Flip Layout - In addition to an Exposé-like Spatial layout, TopDesk now supports a 3D "Flip" layout, similar to the Flip3D task switching feature of Windows Vista®. Rotation Tiling Animation - While animating window tiling TopDesk can now rotate windows around their x, y, or z axis. Alt-Tab Emulation - While tiling TopDesk now responds to Alt-Tab key presses in the same way as the Windows Task Switcher. Tile Visible Windows - In addition to the "tile all windo
  24. INpac: It's a "clone" that's had over 1.5 years development effort put into it and is still in active development, does something Windows isn't really built to do, and that has great support (via both forums and email). And at $9.95, it's less than the price of a movie ticket . Remember, although technically when you buy software you're buying a license, what you're really doing is helping the developers continue development and support of that product.
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