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  1. Microsoft seems very much ok with those KDE and GNOME 'Taskbar', 'Start Button', 'Notification area' etc.. ...meanwhile APPLE will make sure you must pay to think Different. :6 btw> isn't that docklets is just a plug-in that is very common today. i am not sure that is the problem, may be the 'feel' that apple have objection with.
  2. More Function! Less Cosmetics!! Can OD Track Running apps. Can OD Track Open Windows. Can OD Track Minimized Windows. Full Drag and Drop data to app. MAnage tray app. :6
  3. hi anabalin, are you using stylexp. if yes what theme is that? and where to download? thanx
  4. I hope this: " You can have ObjectDock always on top, always on bottom, or have it float in between (normal z-ordering)" not the only thing , on next version of OD.
  5. just download OB, have try clicking the options, and it still doesn't show up. anybody can help me?
  6. You're right. it is just that OD 'taskbar disable' is better. Maybe nextversion of OD will provide special icon like the clock or trash, where when we click on it will show a popup menu with our tray objects inside.
  7. Cool.....Thanks to Both of you !!! The window flag now in on the most left of the dock , replacing the start button... now, if there is just something that i could do to access tray objects (not object bar, it is very slow), i could just hide the windows taskbar.
  8. ..and anybody have windows XP flag icon / PNG ? tia
  9. why we still can't drag documents to app icons? strange ..found that i can drag something to the trash can .. anyway this is the best pc dock for now, unlike previous version now i use it everytime. btw> OD crash when i try to min winamp3. and i am still waiting for these features: 1; minimized only windows on taskbar area 2; Triangle notch to identify running apps 3; app icon show up instantly (if not yet already on the dock, or else triangle notch will show and in either case icons will bounce) when we launch it. 4; able to drag documents to taskbar area, cli
  10. ekaulia

    Drag And Drop

    Still can't do this, this should be top priority. basic function of GUI. and i always want a dock that can automatically shows dock icons for running apps that are not already in the dock. and if it can show minimized windows, that will be great . Y'z Dock will completely complement the win TaskBar.
  11. "menu's all laggy" ? Which menu? i see no problem.
  12. Y'Z dock complement the taskbar, can't replace. objectdock can replace the taskbar, 100% if it could handle the system tray objects.
  13. ekaulia

    System Tray

    Seems that objectbar doesn't show several tray objects correctly, for example internet connection icon doesn't show up and several others.. any idea..??
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