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  1. Yes, another Release Candidate - however, this one - as I see it - is representative of the final product. Find it at our site in the downloads section. And, for those who are interested, a snippet from the revision log of what's happened since RC-1... - Released as dotWidget RC-2. (40.35) - Tidied up panel window. (40.34) - Fixed problems with config file when removing widgets. (40.33) - Newly added Widgets are no longer set to 'Always On Top' by default. (40.33) - CTRL+F9 now forces all Widgets to the foreground. (40.33) - Widget.GetSetting() now looks in widget's local
  2. Thanks! I'll make sure all graphics I've used are fully credited (and approved) - you've probably noticed that you can change the icon in 'dotDisk' by right-clicking the widget itself, then selecting the relevant option from the menu - I'll be extending this functionality into other widgets over time...
  3. Firstly, I can categorically state that _none_ of the imagery or design concepts have come from Kapsules. There is one very, very good reason for this and that is because I (and possibly others from k23 productions) were IP-banned by the site's administrator more-or-less when Kapsules was released. I'm not going to go into the why's and wherefore's because it's unnecessary and pointless but suffice to say that although I know what Kapsules is, I have never seen it running nor looked at any screenshots. Also, development started approximately twelve months ago under the codename "liquid" (
  4. We are considering a rebranding, however as the existing product is unrelated we feel this should take a lower priority. Glad you found the SDK - feel free to contact me directly (stan.k23-at-gmail.com) if you need any help developing widgets!
  5. Buy me a mac and I'll see what I can do! Seriously though, I think the sudden explosion of desktop widget engines is basically because until very recently Windows had nothing (free) that could compare with Konfabulator. It seems that while the nineties gave us Shell Replacements, the naughties are owned by Widgets! =)
  6. Thanks! We're obviously looking for more support, so if there's anyone reading this who fancies writing some widgets (a minimal SDK is available), doing some nice graphics, etc. just pop on over!
  7. I think I might know what this is...
  8. Our Windows Konfabulator clone (dotWidget) is nearly due to go into full release after about 12 months in alpha (i.e. internal) development and roughly 2 months in beta (i.e. public) development. With it you can develop scripted (VBScript only at the moment; more languages will follow) components (widgets) that sit on your desktop and do, er, stuff... Features: - Innovative 'gripper' allows widgets to be dragged around the desktop without limiting each widget's individual functionality. - Powerful object-based engine which allows widget code access to menus, receive notifications of file d
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