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  1. It seems that the new version of safari for windows does not have the safaritheme.dll library needed to replace the buttons. Can someone shed some light here?
  2. Bookmarks work fine on Vista: adding, removing, importing and exporting. It's become my new default browser. Thanks Apple!
  3. como? Happy B-day Duy, long time no talking to you
  4. @timan: Do you have a link for the iKea desk? I'm looking for something like that ...
  5. Predule 3.0 - Vol3 S. Verses Slipknot
  6. .border are simply .zip files on the mac, AFAIK. So anyone with a mac can get you the .PNG files out of them
  7. For god's sake, it's him! Petey's got a new macbook! now show us ze pics!
  8. shud up, I agree with the Greek, they ARE icons.
  9. It works on my end, very useful too. Thanks AkeBONO.
  10. Yeah man, keep busy and nothing material matters, it'll come back eventually don't worry. Thanks for sharing.
  11. AWESOME stuff man, thanks a lot for all the work
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