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  1. It would be awesome if a script-writing-savvy member would write a Greasemonkey script to make Google calendar look a bit more like ical. It seems like it ought to be super easy - really, all I foresee one having to do is to recolor what is already there. Moreover, if you'd coordinate the script with a WB skin, you could run Google Calendar with the skin and http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8507 in prism and have an excellent and full featured iCalesque solution And, if you write it, I'll probably love you forever. Not the wedding vow 'forever faithful' either, the real forever
  2. It's a great idea, but a bit buggy. You need an option to undo a "work area option" Drawing work areas is really buggy, I have to trick it to make a work area that doesn't have a corner in the middle. Mabie have a setting file that someone could load. It doesn't support dual monitors. It would be really awesome if you fixed these problems This is an application I could see myself using every day.
  3. You haven't been, or you FORGOT you HAVE been?
  4. w00t! If you finish this ill supply you with more jolt cola
  5. You haven't hooked it up right. If you connect everything the way its supposed to be connected, the heavens SHOULD open up (sometimes there is a post error) and the divine creator will grace you with the sight of all creation. Its a f***ing computer, what did you expect?
  6. One time I went to a club on the southside of Milwaukee and took the bus home at 2am.
  7. So you just want the top toolbar?
  8. If you ever use headphones, get these http://www.gradolabs.com/product_pages/sr60.htm They are teh sexors. They stand up to phones 2,3x their price.
  9. "This offer is available only to professionals employed in the area of software development who attend any two Visual Basic 2005 Labcasts and submit the evaluation form for each session. Limit one per customer. This offer is non-transferable."
  10. The one (the VLC icon) where the original author is complaining that its a rip is released under creative commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Spain" The only thing this 'ripper' didn't do was attribute the original author by his name but rather by his webpage. Since the original author didn't specify how the icons should have his attribution with them, then I would say he hasn't even done anything wrong. I dont know about the rest, but the VLC icons were used properly under their license. If the author is mad that he put the wrong license on them, thats his fault.
  11. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/49475034/If your worried about it, why don't you email the original authors and let the decide if it makes them angry. Theres no reason why you should run around policing everyone elses IP.
  12. By that reasoning, the jet, with its engines off and the treadmill on will stay stationary because of its inertia. Inertia is a force after all, opposing any motion. But the plane WILL begin to roll back....... Your thinking like a physicist with pretty frictionless parts, think like an engineer
  13. Thrusters?? This isnt a space ship. A jet engine isnt much different from a propeller realy, A jet engine generally produces more force, and rather then using an airfoil to stay aloft, it kinda just angles its wing because its going faster. It still utilizes pressure (unless its a 'jump jet') What the argument really boils down to is if the plane could move froward. Thats how planes take off, its not just ironic that they need a runway. They are not two different things (they are but if the plane moves at any speed, it follows that it oculd take off eventually)
  14. My evidence: A bowling ball placed on a moving platform will not stay stationary, the same with anything with wheels, there will be a 'backwards' force exerted on the wheel/ball. therefore the plane can be moved backwards by a the treadmill. 1) If the treadmill matches the foward speed of the plane, it will probaly not be moving enough to prevent the plane from taking off. Therefore the plane will take off. 2) If the treadmill is programed to prevent froward motion through any means nesicary, the plane will not move froward. The engines can only put out so much thrust, but the treadmill is
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