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  1. Someone released some Dashboard-style widgets for DesktopX: http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=517&LibID=34 http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=518&LibID=34 http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=521&LibID=34
  2. I'll have to try out 4.8, it does work with 4.7's URL buttons and such here anyway.
  3. Long before there was ObjectDock or ObjectBar or Avedesk or Konfabulator or what have you there was DesktopX. DesktopX was one of the first programs used to transform the Windows desktop into looking a lot like other operating systems such as the Mac. DesktopX lets users completely control what is on their desktop, how it looks, and how it functions. It does this by letting users have objects on their desktops. Over the years, people have used DesktopX's capabilities to build their own "docks" and Mac-like desktops, finder bars, you name it. While specialized programs (such as Object
  4. One of the things Aqua on the Mac has that Windows doesn't have is support for per-pixel alpha blending. That is, being able to have buttons and Start menus and that kind of thing that blend into what's behind them so that they're really smooth. WindowBlinds 4.5 is newly released this past week and with it, skinners can create visual styles that have per pixel alpha blending pretty much everywhere. The only thing left are the actual window borders (title bar and such) which is being worked out but it's a performance issue (i.e. moving windows, resizing them, etc. even on a Mac where it'
  5. You can put DesktopX widgets into ObjectBar themes now.
  6. It is much nicer. I will be happier when the widgets let me configure plugins better. The CPU meters and memory monitors and that kidn of thing right now won't let me change their settings without importing them in as an object. I would like to be able to say "Monitor Drive G instead". But for Avedesk users, this has to be a pretty big step up.
  7. Now that ObjectBar 2 supports widgets, has anyone thought of putting together some Aqua Finder style widgets? Ex: You could have a Finder that has battery and media player widgets that are part of the Finder that show up in the top right. If I get time, I'll try to make some but maybe someone else coudl take the lead on that?
  8. Here's a new skin from Essorant called Jester. [screenshot] [Download]
  9. Many people here on Aqua-Soft have used ObjectBar for its ability to closely emulate the Mac Finder. But I think you'll find that ObjectBar 2 holds out even more possibilities -- it can embed widgets as part of its bar. In essence, ObjectBar 2 is almost ready for beta. One of the big new features in it is that it can incorporate DesktopX widgets. So rather having to make the ObjectBar "skin" format insanely complicated for doing really advanced looking graph readouts and RSS feeds and all those other goodies people like to put on these kinds of things, users and authors will be able to s
  10. I totally agree. I've been a registered user of Konfabulator for over a year back when it was Mac-only. A lot of people where I work have Macs and PCs and most of us have Konfabulator on our Macs. And like you said, $20 isn't that big of a deal when you're buying a quality program. But.. i don't think its widgets are really noticeably better (if at all) than the DesktopX widgets or Avedesk widgets and so on other than the ones they include. Compare this: [Konfabulator Widgets] with [DesktopX widgets] I definitely think Konfabulator is worth $20. But I think many people wrongly say "oh
  11. http://sdcentral2.stardock.com/public/odp/...ion/history.htm
  12. Here is a guide created to make it easy to edit widgets created with DesktopX. Widget Tweaking Tutorial
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