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  1. been a while here is my latest. http://www.lifeassembly.com/Roysstuff/Picture%201.png
  2. does anyone have the purple lightbulb icon?
  3. Thanks for all your help but these are not the ones I need. I nee the system folders in the bright blue not the grey
  4. I had a set of system icons that matched the blue folders pictured here I've lost the cd i had burned them to and can't seem to find the link. Does anyone have them or a link to them?
  5. I will be buying the 8 gig, I have been saving up for it since its annoucement. As far as the rate plans go I already pay for those on the phone, I now own so I don't see that it's quite fair to say that it's part of the cost of the phone. No mater what phone you buy you'll have to pay the carriers service charges.
  6. http://www.lifeassembly.com/Roysstuff/Picture%201.png
  7. I have searched but can't find one. Anybody have a large core image or core animation graphic
  8. Does anyone know how or where to get the video of Job's keynote, I will be taking a long plane filight and I want to put it on my ipod. The apple link is a streaming file and I can't seem to figure out how to save it to my desktop. please help
  9. I would like to give credit to the creator of this but to be honest I have no idea where i got it from. Speaking of magic hats, I ussed to have an icon of a wizards hat. It was similar to the mickey wizard hat. I have no idea who made it either. would anybody have it or know where to get it?
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