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  1. Apple has released iTunes 5. www.apple.com __________________________________________ Edited the trolling post and made this the official iTunes 5 thread. /Post edited Unbeliever
  2. Need to register the shadow.dll file first. Here are the instructions on how to do it. http://www.iamnotageek.com/a/111-p1.php For me, the shutdown.exe didn't work; it just opened and closed a command prompt, nothing more.
  3. Thanks! I'll have to wait for a reboot to find out.
  4. I've noticed some settings are best modified within the .conf file, rather than right click and select via GUI menu. I managed to fix some issues via this method, but I'm stump as to what position is absolute bottom. For some reason, RK Launcher has made up its mind that it wants to stay on my right/center position; and is not my thing. Here is the configuration as it stands: [Appearance] magnifySize = 84 smallSize = 48 itemDistance = 0 magnification = 1 backgroundAlpha = 150 itemsMagnify = 7 position = 10 theme = Default So simple question; what # is designated for the bottom/center?
  5. Windows Updates. I apply the critical ones, mostly. I've been using Flykite SP2 that was released over 6 months ago, but the I'm going to see if Flykite v2 SE has updates; it's a feature I never knew existed.
  6. Anyone out there who religious about their updates? I update my machine whenever there is any to apply, but there are some new ones that break Flykite SP2. The folder icons get reverted back to default. The only way is to not install the updates, but that's risky. Anyone?
  7. Thanks for the response. I actually do have the uxtheme.dll patch via FlyakiteSP2. I'm at a point where I"m pretty happy with the results with the Tiger skin and auxilary software enhancements like Avedesk 1.2, but for some reason everytime I install Stardock software, it doesn't jive well. That's the reason why I'm staying away from WindowBlinds. So is there a nice OSX-like theme with the mac-ified buttons? I would prefer to have the mod applied system wide; everything from Explorer (My Computer, C:, etc) to even Firefox, IE, etc.
  8. I'm not all together sure what they call it in either platform, but I have seen people do it with WindowBlinds. I'd like to avoid installing WB all together. I became interested after modding out iTunes and it seems so counter intuitive to have one application different from the rest. I would appreciate any help given. Thanks
  9. Yet I still need to double-click. Has anyone figured out why this is? AveDesk is a godsend, literally. I have used it in everything from folders, to drives, you name it. Now the Searchbar for Tiger theme is great, but double clicking is so pain staking labourous. Weird thing is, it will sometimes work, other times, not so. i'm running AveDesk 1.1. Thanks in advance EDIT: Didn't think to check the Bug Report thread. Honestly, I thought it was just for 'bug reporting' and only reserved for serious ones. Didn't think my little problem was program or user error. Appears to be th
  10. I just started using OB and discovered it's not working well with Ultramon (dual monitor software). I'm trying to extend OB and its theme across the 2nd display, but can't find any settings to do so. Is it even possible? Thanks
  11. I found out about Avetext through one of the post your desktop threads on a forum and have been trying to search out the glass/transparency effect for the application. Spent the last few hours searching Google, reading forums after forums, but still can't locate it. Can anyone tell me if it's officially released because by one account, Angryman, the skin creator himself said it was coming out "soon" which was last month, yet I see a lot of people applying the skin to various AveApps. Can someone please clarify this confusion or even better, provide a link to where I can download the s
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